“Outspoken” MP Pat Martin avoids answering question about NDP’s founding father

There has been a huge media and opposition freak-out over this comment from PM Stephen Harper spoken in the House of Commons:

“Unlike the NDP, we are not going to ideologically have a position regardless of circumstances. The leader of the NDP, in 1939, did not even want to support war against Hitler”

I have no issue with Harper bringing up the historical accuracy of the inherent pacification policy of the NDP although I would have advised wording it differently and avoided mentioning Hitler but what makes me laugh is the hypocrisy of the media and opposition parties.

I’ve taken great joy over the last couple days in confronting these hypocrites on Twitter pointing out the vast array of examples of themselves comparing Harper to Hitler or a dictator and exposing the vile eugenics ideology of their ‘God’ Tommy Douglas.

Douglas wrote his Master thesis in 1933 that for people to be allowed to marry, the couples must ‘prove’ that they are mentally and morally fit and that “subhumans” should be sterilized to avoid them from procreating. Eugenics was the basis of Hitler’s “master race”.

The other NDP founding father (the NDP or media don’t usually mention) was J S Woodsworth who was the CCF leader in question during WWII. The CCF became the NDP in 1961 under Tommy Douglas. Woodsworth was an ardent evangelical pacifist  who opposed Canada’s entry into WWII. His anti-war stance was rejected by the CCF MPs although they still supported him as leader afterwards.

This is what led me to read with such amusement, a Twitter exchange between Norman Spector and Pat Martin after Martin responded to Spector’s Tweet:

Fortunately, by AD 1939, God hadn’t created too many Canadian and British MPs like JS Woodsworth

Without posting the entire exchange, it culminated in Spector asking Martin if he supported Woodsworth’s position as it  pertained to Harper’s original analogy, with Martin responding:

I am outspoken. Also wary of traps and pitfalls. Some have sharpened punji stakes at the bottom. Remember them?

Pathetic isn’t it? Martin refuses to challenge Spector (and Harper) by defending Woodsworth because he knows it would be a massive vote-loser and embarrassment to the NDP.

It’s much easier for them to mock Harper, aided by their media backers like CBC’s Kady O’Malley (see here) than to actually answer the question.

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