NDP leader keynote speaker at Canadian Journalists Association conference

There is a conference going on this weekend in Toronto of the group, The Canadian Journalists Association who are gathered for workshops, an award ceremony and to listen to guest speakers (see here).

Whatever right – but then an ‘award’ that was handed-out caught my attention:

Harper government wins Code of Silence Award, again

This got me thinking to how they arrived at this conclusion ie was it through data collection and empirical evidence  comparing the Conservatives to the provincial and municipal governments? Turns out it’s done by votes from their 600 members and since most cover federal politics, ta da! (see here)

Then another question popped into my head when I saw that NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was scheduled to be their keynote speaker – is it common practice for the CAJ to have political party leaders featured at their conventions? What possible benefit to its membership would it be to have Mulcair give a speech?

I also have a question on how the CAJ board of directors thought it appropriate to have the website publisher of the viciously anti-Conservative and vehemently anti-Israeli rabble.ca as one of the speakers and who also happens to be NDP MP Libby Davies’ life-partner?

Anyone gonna hold their breath waiting for these answers?

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