Media think CBC CEO Lacroix $120 lunches are OK but not Oda’s $16 OJ

The Ottawa Press Gallery members would never hold one of their own to the same standards they demand of a government minister especially when that person runs the CBC.

Last November CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix was caught expensing 2 soup and sandwich lunches for $240 (see here) and there was a grand total of 1 story written about it. Compare that to Conservative minister Bev Oda’s expense abuse coverage where there have been over 400 articles, columns and editorials written in the past week.

Every Canadian journo or politician who called for Oda’s resignation should demand the same for Lacroix.



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  1. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps they had some liquid cheer to bump up the tab, a botlte of vintage vino would keep two people happy while they dine and chat.
    Poor old Bev Oda can’t get a break, trying to keep healthy while smoking by ordering orange juice! At $16 bucks that’s not out of the ordinary, anyone traveling in Europe will attest to that.

  2. Martin Says:

    Consider the CBC hosted private party at Toronto Int Film Festival last Sept. here:

    George Stroumboulopoulos threw a party for Hollywood’s B list of celebrities and hangers-on. CBC declined to admit to the bill, but these people do not party cheap, when someone else (the taxpayer in this case) picks up the tab.One blogger made an estimate anyone remember?

  3. Jen Says:

    Have you heard the ndp plans to redistribution of wealth so why worry when all the reporters at cbc who get money from the taxpayers ARE going to repay (redidstribute their wealth back to the public.
    Now here is the ndp/lib ‘code of silence’ to the media ‘ dare make the mistake of reporting on us and believe me/us we WILL NOT HESTITATE to come after you for the monies which you got from the public.
    And as you can see for yourselves that The MEDIA ARE in their best behaviour.

    Furthermore the ndp ‘without a debt in my mind’ have the LIBS WRAPPED AROUND THEIR TINY FINGERS.

    So all in all, the ndp being the unions life saviours will be the ‘first’ foremost priority in the ndp party to attend too over the general public.

    If the ndp can get thousands of dollars from the american unions which is AGAINST the canadian election while the media in their ‘code of silence’ remain silent speaks ‘big problems for the media and their reporters.

  4. Jen Says:


    BREAKING: James Lovelock backs down on climate alarm

    Posted on April 23, 2012by Anthony Watts

    MSNBC reports that the lack of temperature rise in the last 12 years has convinced environmentalist James Lovelock ( The Gaia Hypothesis) that the climate alarmism wasn’t warranted.

    Will Liz May, Megan Leslie and their useless medias mention this.

  5. Brian Says:

    Typical media bias : Liberal = good , Conservative = bad.

    I don;t recall this much meadi shouting when ex-Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson wasted $5 million-dollars on a junket to Russia, Finland and Iceland as a parting gift to herself and her friends.

  6. Jen Says:

    I truly wonder Brian what the media will be like when and if the ndp or the coalition get into government. Will there be any news at all or will they close shop

    • Brian Says:

      I wonder how long it is before the media faces a serious crisis of readership. Even for the most hard-core left-liberal it must seem odd that only the NDP or Liberals can do anything correctly.

      Take for example the media reporting regarding McGuinty’s disastrous policies in Ontario. Even McGuinty’s policies such as hydro which are so obviously misguided , and have significantly increased hydro rates are downplayed or ignored by the media … but … even Liberal voters pay for hydro and taxes , so eventually , even the more sane Liberal supporters are likely to turn away from the media.

      … one can only hope.

      • Jen Says:

        Very true Brian, which I find mind boggling that ontarian reporters who refuse to high light Dalton’s disastrous high taxes actually think that, just being suckers to Dalton that they are free from Dalton’s high taxes and that the general public are the ONLY ones paying for it.

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