Ottawa journos making jokes about body parts from homicide mailed to CPC HQ

It was sickening enough to read comments from the likes of Postmedia’s Glen McGregor, the Sun’s Stephen Lautens and the Star’s Antonia Zerbisias about the human foot mailed to Conservative Party HQ before details of the source of the foot was known:

Zerbisias – Is the CPC one foot in the grave?

McGregor –  CPC place for politico’s to be. Many blue Liberals trying to get “a foot” in CPC Door

Lautens – With all this body part stuff, I was just wondering if anyone has seen Rob Anders lately?

But it is even more so now that the body parts found mailed through Canada Post came from a homicide (see here).

How funny do you think these 3 would find it if rotting body parts were sent to them in their newsrooms? What would the reaction be from the media if a politician, police officer or medical workers snickered about this on-line?

Some journos think they have some sort of free rein and that manners and professionalism don’t apply to them.

Instead of sympathizing with the people in the Conservative Party HQ who had to deal with this and the fear of what may be next,  they display classless morbidity.

Also: CBC’s comment section is full of things such as “Harper/Conservatives deserve what they get” and conspiracy nuts spouting on about how “the Conservatives did this to themselves as a diversion” (see here)

Update: Email received from McGregor

You’re blog is suggesting that I was making light of the human foot sent
to CPC. You quoted my retweet of Manny Montenigrino, a former CPC lawyer.
I directed the RT to Ray Heard, in response to his claim that opponents of
the Conservatives were making inappropriate jokes. If you’re not familiar
with retweets, designed by RT, I suggest you Google them.

Further, I tweeted earlier in the day: “Lots of foot jokes but let’s
remember someone at #CPC actually opened that package and would likely be
very shaken by it.”

I’m sure this error was unintentional on your part, but your blog post
makes it look like I wrote what was clearly a tasteless remark.

I trust you will correct immediately.

Update: McGregor has his panties in a bunch threatening to sue me – again

When shown your blog post wrongly attributed another person’s tweet to me, you “update” my response but don’t correct the error?!

Dean, while you’re looking up the meaning of “RT”, I suggest you also familiarize yourself with the legal concept of malice.


Was Liberal MLA drunk during Legislature?

Yesterday during a morning debate, in response to a rambling heckle from Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger, NDP MLA John Horgan said:

“Perhaps too much wine for breakfast”

Now check out the audio from a CKNW reporter who interviewed Krueger afterwards here.

Was Horgan on to something with Krueger being in his cups or was it an unfair smear?

NDP MP lies about witness during committee in effort to smear

What are the consequences of a MP who knowingly lies about a witness brought to testify in front of a Parliamentary committee like the NDP’s Peggy Nash did last night about Vivian Krause?

For those unaware, Vivian Krause is the person who has taken on the task of uncovering the US money being used by eco-charities for political purposes.

From Krause’s Twitter account:

“Nash told me after she had read transcript of my previous testimony so she knew I’ve not worked for the oil guys but said so anyway”

“but Nash said things about me that aren’t true. She did so knowingly. And then didn’t give me a chance to correct the record”

“so after, I asked @PeggyNashNDP to pls never treat another citizen (who comes to testify) the way that she treated me”

All these were during a conversation with the CBC’s Kady O’Malley so the media in attendance and those that follow O’Malley and Krause on Twitter are fully aware that Nash blatantly lied during the committee.

Update: Still no mention from CBC Kady O’Malley about Nash lying during the committee meeting (see here)

Hang a nude painting of Harper OK, just don’t ever make a naked comment about a Liberal female premier

We’ve all seen the wall-to-wall media coverage of the nude painting of PM Stephen Harper and those that follow Canadian journos on Twitter have read their snide snickering comments like this one from Stephen Lautens of the Calgary Sun:

Hardy har har right? For more of these ‘hilarious’ Tweets see here but when gazillionaire Richard Branson made a lewd post about taking Liberal premier Christy Clark naked sail-surfing, the media went ape:

Branson is obviously out of line but why the double standard from the Canadian media who were all over Twitter condemning Branson like this one by the Globe’s Arts Correspondent Marsha Lederman:

You know darn well Lederman and all the other female reporters who thought the Harper nude was funny or poignant didn’t stop for a blessed second to think what the effect of it would have been on Harper’s 13-year-old daughter Rachel.

I’m sure she enjoyed a good chuckle over it huh?

NDP calls Mulcair’s mortgage story “trash can reporting” but not Con MP’s divorce doc ones

There’s no doubt the story by Glen McGregor of the Ottawa Citizen on NDP leader Thomas Mulcair mortgages is garbage journalism (see here) but where was this concern about privacy when their NDP provincial counterparts obtained Conservative minister Vic Toews’ divorce documents? (see here)

I certainly don’t remember anyone from the NDP calling the Ottawa Press Gallery members who ran that story ad nauseum, dumpster divers .

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