Justin Trudeau caught expensing $127 lunch for two through Katimavik

It wasn’t just his father’s legacy organization Katimavik that Liberal MP Justin Trudeau was trying to save, it now looks like he was also trying to keep hidden some very questionable hotel, lunch and booze bills:

Before being elected a Liberal MP, Trudeau chaired the charitable youth group Katimavik, which was started by his late father’s Liberal government.

Receipts for a Katimavik retreat at the posh 4 Diamond Loews Concorde hotel in Quebec City show that Trudeau billed double the rate of other Katimavik members.

While some representatives of the group charged just $362 for a two-night stay, Trudeau charged $740. That figure even eclipsed the cost of Katimavik president Jean-Guy Bigeau’s $469 charge for a three-night stay.

Trudeau expensed a $127 lunch for two that included fine brandies and on another occasion he billed $93 for sushi lunch for two.

Other receipts show a taste for the premium Grey Goose vodka.

In 2005, Trudeau charged the taxpayer-funded group for a $350 steak dinner in Halifax.

And to make matters even worse, Trudeau was using the taxpayer-funded group for political purposes:

Board minutes from 2003 show that Trudeau and the executive director of the group planned to meet with the three candidates vying to replace Jean Chretien as leader of the Liberal Party. (see here)

Anyone surprised that this happened when a spoiled rich kid has a taxpayer expense account?


13 Responses to “Justin Trudeau caught expensing $127 lunch for two through Katimavik”

  1. bubbabrown Says:

    Gee is Bob Rae going to call for his resignation?
    Tom Muclair will enter his name for a “jack” awarded annually for most creative expense account jiggery-pockery

    • Jen Says:

      how much does the man of two countries Mulclair limo driver is paid just for standby.
      I wonder why Mrs Jack Layton has returned half of the house rent which she and Jack charged to the public double the house rent.

  2. evanwrobertson Says:

    Such as shame, Katamavik is an awesome group. I did some work for a local festival in Brantford, ON and Katamavik members were there bright and early and all throughout the day to help in anyway possible, including the grunt work such as set up and tear down. Trudeau should screw around on his own time and dime, not on the taxpayers money or in a way that will lend a bad image to this great organization.

    • James Says:

      Yeah $15,000 per member every year. Seriously that was the budget. That’s almost what a 4 year degree program would cost.

  3. Bec Says:

    Do any of these nepotism politicial types ever do things for the PEOPLE, you know as in CANADIANS or are their histories as kids of politicians simply a confirmation of an ingrained sense of entitlement?

    This looks absolutely terrible and in particular when it relates to this children focused group but tick, tock…….the enabling, lazy, monkey see, monkey do PPG will be oh so busy with their heads somewhere other that the sand.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Yeah, the Media Party won’t care one bit about Trudeau, or is it Castro’s, empty headed kid pilfering money to satisfy his entitlement syndrome. What a sniveling little parasite … his daddy invented Katamavik so Justine decides he’s entitled to the bounty. Maybe the Media are afraid Turdo jr will launch into a flurry of girly punches on them if they dare mention this latest episode of entitlement. More likely the Media feel Turdo Jr is entitled to “his” entitlements, after all, he’s the son of the midget dictator from Quebec… feigned outrage from the media is strictly reserved for Conservatives.

    • Jen Says:

      Yeah Sean, I wonder what would happen when the union/ndp/libs coalition parties take office. Will the flakey media continue with their one sight attacks on the cpc even though they cpc, are not in government anymore.
      Maybe that’s when Conrad Black might take over to report what the ‘flakey’ media are afraid to report. No wonder they are so nervous to have him but rather be surrounded by a terrorist.

      The liberals are hoping to rebuild their party when they are so heavily tied to the ndp through the coalition? I don’t think so. Not even their beloved flakey media can help them because they too are too heavily cozied up with the ndp.

  5. Adrian MacNair Says:

    How does one even spend $127 on a lunch? I mean, even when I took my wife to a fancy Keg night one time and ordered two prime rib, wine and dessert we didn’t break $100. You really have to be willing to piss your money away to spend that much on a lunch for two people.

  6. Bocanut Says:

    Justin-Didn’t he charge his Liberal party an appearance fee every time he was asked to support another candidate?
    One has to wonder if he charged anything for appearing at that charity boxing match?

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