Postmedia suspends reporter for Tweeting pics making fun of naked Quebec student protesters

One of Postmedia’s newspapers not only ran an apology for their reporter Anne Sutherland poking harmless fun at the Quebec ‘naked’ student protesters, they actually suspended her for three days over it.

The Gazette apologizes for inappropriate comments posted on Twitter Thursday night by one of its reporters. The Gazette’s social media policy clearly states that all journalists should conduct themselves in a manner that does not compromise themselves, their colleagues or the newspaper.

The Gazette takes all breaches of ethics very seriously. (see here)

When I saw these Tweets yesterday, I immediately thought of some of the vicious things that I have read from other reporters on Twitter and more than a few directed at me from Postmedia journos.

Now why would this newspaper in today’s world of rough and tumble Twitter get so bent out of shape over this? Looks to me like it all depends who a reporter makes fun of as opposed to what was actually said.





13 Responses to “Postmedia suspends reporter for Tweeting pics making fun of naked Quebec student protesters”

  1. Jen Says:

    Like, Vic toews for example.

    She should write an article outlining comparing each province’s tuition fees to that of Quebec.
    her headlines should be ” other provinces pay roughly ($) amount whereas Quebec only pays ($).

  2. taxpayer Says:

    Why would Charest “negociate” with rioting, property damaging students? All that tells me is that our governments will defer to rioters, something that taxpayers everywhere being lined up to pay for Charest’s “negociating” should do to change his mind and not just uni funding, but other issues as well,, like say healthcare “cuts”, MLA pay scales, whatever.

    Reap what you sew, because voting seems so yesterday in light of all this.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Just when I thought I couldn’t despise Charest any more…

      • enkidu Says:

        Conservatives are so damned lucky that Charest left the party and went over to the Kweebeck Gliberals. The man is like Joke Lark, except with some level of political skill.

  3. taxpayer Says:

    Well, he’s got an election to fight soon against those eeeeevil sepratistas, so maybe he bought some of ’em off?

    Yeah right. They and “the usual suspects” were probably egging these idiots on! The rioters didn’t pay for those buses to ship them to Victoriaville.

  4. Liz J Says:

    When the “violent” protesters showed up the riot squads should have hauled their arses off to the slammer, the real students should leave, get the hell back to the halls of higher learning. I’d hate to have anything to do with any of these students who are taking part in this when and if they do graduate.
    Quebec students have the best tuition deal in Canada, shame on the lot of them.

    Charest has the potential for anarchy on his hands if this continues and grows.

    • Brad maynard Says:

      The problem is that this is what passes for higher learning in this country. I think my child is better off with a grade 12 only. At least his common sense will remain intact.

      Brad maynard

  5. Frances Auger Says:

    Awh, the looney left. Nothing says dissent like stripping and running naked through the public square. A little advice – take the naked jiggle show to the Quebec legislature – that will teach those politicians. lol It was good enough for Lady Godiva – why not “students”. Her ride was also about taxation and repression by the ruling elites. cheers

  6. Nicola T. Says:

    And now 9 out of ten cegeps have rejected the government’s offer. No secret vote again. The Minister of Education didn’t help matters by making it sound like it was a done deal and that the government was very satisfied. But the main thing is that the students who want to finish their year are once again held hostage by the other students and agitators and the government and school administrators have left them to their fate. My son has to chose between possibly losing his semester and starting his summer job, as are many others.

  7. Nicola T. Says:

    Smoke bombs in the Montreal metro this morning and the whole system shut down. If the terrorism and vandalism by students et al. were happening in Quebec, the government would have forced the colleges to reopen long ago.

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