Smart tactic from Conservatives highlighting Mulcair’s Team

It was fun to watch the media go on about how ‘solid’ the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair is and how hard it will be for the Conservatives to define him now that the NDP have run out a bunch of ads but they missed what the real tactic was going to be.

Instead of going directly at Mulcair, the focus is on the types of people he has in his caucus and what would be the consequences of having them running the country.

The Conservative’s Director of Communications Fred DeLorey Tweeted out a link this morning to the new website launch highlighting a few of the NDP nutbars who Mulcair put in his shadow cabinet:

Alexandre Boulerice

Mr. Mulcair’s Labour Critic is Alexandre Boulerice. 

Mr. Boulerice is a former union communications officer, who has long been active in Quebec provincial politics. He campaigned for a Québec Solidaire candidate in 2007 (Canada Newswire, February 16, 2007) and he was a candidate for its predecessor party, l’Union des Forces Progressistes, in 2003. Mr. Boulerice donated over $3,700 to Québec Solidaire and its predecessor party since 2003. According to the Directeur général des élections du Québec, his most recent donation was given in 2012 indicating that Mr. Boulerice remains supportive of Quebec Solidaire and its policies even as he sits as a federal MP.  Quebec Solidaire is a far-left party that clearly supports separation (see here)

The Conservatives playing chess while the media and opposition are still learning checkers.

Update: Conservative’s “attack on Mulcair” worked so badly that NDP sent out their PR hack to tell us that (see here)


13 Responses to “Smart tactic from Conservatives highlighting Mulcair’s Team”

  1. marryt Says:

    Just got home and turned on cpac to hear a cpc mp describing a person in mulcairs caucus and shadow cabinet. Should be a fun time for months to come.

  2. Jen Says:

    While he stands in the ROC’s own parliament and while he earns a salary in the thousands of dollars from the ROC, he still maintains as such:
    Separation from the ROC.

    So it bears the question what in the hell is he in ENGLISH PARLIAMENT.
    Why I say English Parliament because it represents not only canadians but the Queen of England.
    Quebec to this day have not signed onto the ‘Constitution’

  3. dbooth416 Says:

    Oh imagine the fun it will be in a couple years when the Mulcair ads finally come out. France is in shambles after its new Socialist government helps bring down the Eurozone and all the productive people flee to England and elsewhere. Of course NDP policies will mimic those of Hollande, so what better to have one destructive French citizen linked to another! 🙂

  4. Harry From Burnaby Says:

    Wonder Who Muclair voted for in the French Election? Maybe somebody should ask him in question period.

  5. Jen Says:

    Mulclair choice of wanting two budgets is beginning to take shape here. Suppose socialist France ends up like Greece, who do you think they France, socialist is going to call upon…non other than Canada of course. Will our money go to bail out France? naturally. Obviously, the cry from the ndp ‘that France is in poverty needs the richness from canada blah blah blah..
    Soon the ‘cry me a river’ song will be heard from the ndp to help aid the unfortunate, France’

    I wouldn’t doubt for one minute that Socialist Hollande comes to Canada or is it Quebec to request a meeting re to ‘money’ to help his socialist programms which he promised his indoctrinated youths.

  6. James Says:

    Note the clever use of the zombie-like graphic (a horde), and the worn NDP logo. These are allusions to the ‘walking dead’ and other zombie films, creating a deniable link between one mindless horde and another. Note too how the text pulses. The Tories couldn’t say an NDP government would mean the end of the world, or that their caucus is mindless, but they can sure use imagery that suggests it. A great strategy.

  7. dave Says:

    Mr.Eclair,yes thats a joke, proves how badly the Libs have screwed up. However enough NDP voters have enable them to stick thier foot in the door and it should be fun when the ROC gets to see the Quebec first leanings of the official opposition. At least Jack was for all working families not just the poor oppressed francophones. My hope is that the “trial by fire ” CPC MPs take every opportunity to highlight the farce of the currant official oppostion.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Looking forward to the inevitable media backlash against the Conservative Government, for speaking the truth and once again doing the media;s job of informing Canadians. The NDP’s leader is a french citizen, they’re caucus is an assortment of hypocritical radicals and enviro-whackos, sympathetic and activist to the bigoted separatist “cause” and their ideology is heavily based in cultural Marxism… just like the media.

  9. Michael Harkov Says:

    Anyone know what portfolio Libby Davies is leading? I think it is deputy leader (one of the deputy leaders LOL), but is she doing a double for another portfolio?

    • Liz J Says:

      Libby’s talents could be spread around for sure, Big Boss Mulcair hardly needs that many deputies unless he’s putting all his concentration on Quebec and delegating the pages at his feet TROC. What a freaking side show.

      Next up will be the LPC choosing a leader, that in itself could become a side show so we’re in for some fun times, the media won’t have time to report on the important stuff, like how well the Harper Government is doing.

      • Jen Says:

        I find it hilarious when the media talk about the slighest dip in gowth, jobs even the TSX don’t you find Lizj,?
        The TSX is roughly 12 thousands or more take a hard look at that figure because when the ndp shuts down the oilsands all manufactoring company across this nation that manufacture equipmwnts for the oilsands and all thousand upon thousands of workers will have no jobs because the NDP said so.
        Can you envision the TSX then with no jobs at all.

        TSX—–12,+ THOUSANDS points now
        TSX—- 0000000 points after the ndp shuts down the oilsands and other manufacturing jobs that goes along with it.

        I guess lizj, CBC and ilks within ctv g/m etc will have to work far longer than most of us who by then will be retired waiting for the ‘redistribution of our money(wealth) that went into CBC. Those are the NDP indoctinated words to businesses. CTV is a business therefore they have to redistribute their wealth to us all who await for it.

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