Looking for readers’ questions to ask director of documentary UN Me

I am doing an interview with director Ami Horowich of the documentary UN Me (see here) prior to the film’s release June 1st and wanted to get some questions to pose to him from you.

I am extremely excited to see this documentary as for far too long this corrupt monolith has gotten away disguising itself as a leader of world peace but in reality, has been hijacked from its original 1945 mandate by dictators and bureaucrats.

Please submit your questions in the comment section or feel free to email them to me at deanskoreyko@gmail.com

Thanks Dean


15 Responses to “Looking for readers’ questions to ask director of documentary UN Me”

  1. gr8rminds Says:

    Perhaps my biggest question would be, “What outcome (other than $$) would indicate the film’s success?”

  2. Hans Says:

    It should be renamed the FN = Fractious Nations…in the interest of accuracy.

    When was the last time the UN did anything to intervene and prevent an ongoing genocide? Answer: Never…

    As we learned from “Shake Hands with the Devil”, the UNs lofty goals have been subverted and mangled to point of Darfur becoming a Genocide Observation & Reporting Mandate (GORM).

    Because we already know that they are gutless, a better question is: When will the UN become GORMless?


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  3. Rich Says:

    How could the UN put countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea,Lybia to head the United Nations human rights council (UNHC)? And How can they critize Canada yet still have their hand out for half a billion dollar contribution?

    • frmgrl Says:

      I agree. How is it that these countries are allowed to sit on these committees? They’re not exactly beacons of human rights. The UN has become pro-despot, dictator, terrorist and anti-democracy, true human rights and freedom. Time for Canada get out.

  4. Mark Shortreed Says:

    Can you see the UN ever be an organization dedicated to the betterment of the human condition of the world? Is it even possible given that dictators and communists hold the majority of votes?

  5. Rich Says:

    I wonder how the UN manage to point to canada and not to Iran where AHMADINEJAD abuses his own people to make such assinine comments of our country.
    If that is how the UN conduct its affairs- CANADA SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THE UN.

  6. Bec Says:

    “What incentive can you give for democratic countries, under the current UN trend of subservient coddling towards terrorist,.despot, dictator states to remain associated emotionally and financially to this seemingly dysfunctional organization”?

    “How does the ‘United’ apply to the current organization when on the surface it appears that they have become extremely partisan and even more so political. Has the ‘United’ not lost all it’s credibility with some of the very devisive, controversial decisions when it applies to ignoring horrific human rights allegations that occur in seat sitting countries”?

  7. Liz J Says:

    How can the UN justify the need for it’s existence when despots and dictators can vote in blocks against a democratic country like Canada? IMO they offer us nothing while we pay them for it. Time to say goodbye.

  8. Peter Milo Says:

    My first question is why are all the remedies proposed by the UN to cure the world’s ills be solely based on the socialist, collectivist model of governance?
    It’s been a spetacular failure as a governance model for the past 100 years, much farther back if you’re a history buff.
    The League of Nations collapsed because it became irrelevant to reality. The UN is much worse in that it assumes it has the right to govern all nations by consensus, which today is dominated by thug regimes and a highly suspect bureaucracy.
    My second question is why don’t free Democatic Nations start their own club? The sandcastle that the UN is would collapse as surely as the League of Nations before it.
    The LN had no teeth, the UN too much. What’s missed in both versions is a commitment to freedom of the individual.
    It’s time to lay the groundwork for freedom.

  9. Sean M Says:

    What happened to all that UN sanctioned oil for food money ? How’s “article 21” working out and which Canadian leaders support it?

  10. spinassassin Says:

    How would the UN react to a funding cut or seccession from the UN? Would they retaliate? How?

  11. JR Says:

    Ask Mr. Horowitz about the film’s distribution. Where might we expect to see the film in Canada – theatres, TV, etc? Will the CBC air it (ha ha)?

  12. Finally a MP who questions Canada belonging to the United Nations « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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