Elections Canada CEO Mayrand denies leaks of court docs to media but won’t investigate

To me, all doubt has now been removed that Elections Canada is riddled with corrupt officials and led by a CEO who is willing to protect them.

It’s one thing for incompetence to occur but it’s quite another for a supposed non-partisan organization in charge of running our elections to employ people who are trying to discredit the Conservative Party by working hand-in-hand with the media.

Yesterday, it was learned via a story by Postmedia’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher that Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro was under investigation by EC and that Maher and McGregor were leaked non-public court documents (see here). Today we learn that these documents were under a judge’s confidentiality order and Del Mastro cannot even access them.

Del Mastro – “I think MPs should find it very concerning that an agency of Parliament makes allegations and these documents are out there and have been released to a single source.”

My suspicions is that this was a targeted attack on Del Mastro for being the Conservative’s front-man on this file and someone within EC decided to go after him even harder by leaking their fishing expedition to Maher and McGregor:

Last week he [Del Mastro] publicly challenged the Chief Electoral Officer to address whether the agency was leaking details of its robo-calls allegations. In response, Marc Mayrand said such a question smeared Elections Canada’s reputation and denied the agency ever divulged privileged information. (see here)

Tell me it’s just all one big coincidence.

Also: McGregor and Maher’s good buddy Kady O’Malley of the CBC was challenged by Del Mastro for getting an ethics committee report from a Liberal MP two days ago (see here).  Just another coincidence I’m sure.

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