Elections Canada CEO Mayrand denies leaks of court docs to media but won’t investigate

To me, all doubt has now been removed that Elections Canada is riddled with corrupt officials and led by a CEO who is willing to protect them.

It’s one thing for incompetence to occur but it’s quite another for a supposed non-partisan organization in charge of running our elections to employ people who are trying to discredit the Conservative Party by working hand-in-hand with the media.

Yesterday, it was learned via a story by Postmedia’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher that Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro was under investigation by EC and that Maher and McGregor were leaked non-public court documents (see here). Today we learn that these documents were under a judge’s confidentiality order and Del Mastro cannot even access them.

Del Mastro – “I think MPs should find it very concerning that an agency of Parliament makes allegations and these documents are out there and have been released to a single source.”

My suspicions is that this was a targeted attack on Del Mastro for being the Conservative’s front-man on this file and someone within EC decided to go after him even harder by leaking their fishing expedition to Maher and McGregor:

Last week he [Del Mastro] publicly challenged the Chief Electoral Officer to address whether the agency was leaking details of its robo-calls allegations. In response, Marc Mayrand said such a question smeared Elections Canada’s reputation and denied the agency ever divulged privileged information. (see here)

Tell me it’s just all one big coincidence.

Also: McGregor and Maher’s good buddy Kady O’Malley of the CBC was challenged by Del Mastro for getting an ethics committee report from a Liberal MP two days ago (see here).  Just another coincidence I’m sure.


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  1. guffman3 Says:

    There is big-time corruption here… the very fact that these two tabloid ‘journalists’ had these Elections Canada restricted documents in hand is reason and evidence enough to launch a full investigation on what’s going on inside EC… but who’s going to call in the RCMP on them??

    • Alain Says:

      I agree and it is far from being the first time. I have said before that there must be a major house-cleaning at EC. If the PM is refusing to act for fear of the Left’s reaction and spin, that is not reason enough. I would say the same if they were leaking the same kind of documents pertaining to the NDP or Liberals or even Dizzy Lizzy.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Is it not time the government investigate EC? How many more incidences of this sort is it going to take?
    If Mayrand can deny there was a leak and simply refuse to investigate we can only assume there was a leak, how the hell else did this come out?

    • Pissedoff Says:

      It is about time Harper got his backside back here and started behaving like a conservative instead of Redford in drag. Everything the Harper party has done since they got a majority is just enforce the suspicion the are liberals in blue.

  3. Kelly Redel (@Usual5uspect) Says:

    It sure looks like it. My guess is the contract investigator is the leak. Since he is not an employee of EC, it’s only slightly less greasy than a criminal breech. It could also be the case, the M&M simply bladed him by divulging off the record info.

    One thing is clear. If and when Deano is exonerated, heads are going to roll at EC and possibly the State Broadcaster.

    • Alain Says:

      Even if it does turn out to be the contract investigator, which I doubt, the CEO remains accountable for what happens under his watch.

  4. Kelly Redel (@Usual5uspect) Says:

    If Deano is exonerated, is there any question this is an attempt of a government bureaucracy to silence and punish an elected representative of the Canadian people? Where exactly on the corruption scale does that land?

  5. Jen Says:

    O/T, but relates to the operation of the elections canada to certain political parties which they EC, has no intentions of inforcing. Can you imagine if this was the conservatives.

    United Steelworkers Caught Contributing to Far-Left Political Party in Canada

    US Union Funding NDP



    U.S. union contributed to NDP 3

    DANIEL PROUSSALIDIS, Parliamentary Bureau

    First posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 9:10:36 EDT PM


  6. Jen Says:

    You see, UNION DUES from the ‘hard working little guy who wakes up at early o’clock to go to work for a decent pay ends up paying for political parties like the ndp and ads etc.
    Do you really think that the big shot UNION bosses are going to take money from their own pocket to donate to the NDP in Canada-NOT A FRIGGIN CHANCE. It is coming from the ordinary hard working american who need every dime especially at this most critical time to pay for food and clothing.

    Evans Solomon is trying desparately to ‘PRETEND’ he is fair and balance.
    He has huge photos of Del Mastro at the background but, no photos of NDP PARTY AT ALL.

  7. marryt Says:

    Isn’t there more current problems with EC rather than this crap re something that may or may not have happened in 2008.

  8. marryt Says:

    When is this so called head honch’s term up. Is he the one who tipped the cbc re the raid at cpc headquarters.

  9. Rod Says:

    If there’s no leak(yeah right) like Mr. Mayrand is saying, then EC is obligated to call in the authorities to start investigating the two journalists in possession of restricted documents, and how they obtained them……..if there’s no leak.

  10. Martin Says:

    True all doubts are removed, but still Mayrand exhibits a stunning level of incompetence, How does he reckon the confidential documents are on the web, for everyone to read? This is not the first time Mayrand has been less than forthcoming with statements; under oath he claimed that EC telephoned no one, only for it to emerge that EC funded a program with First Nations to solicit voter participation by telephone call.

    The Supreme Court cannot be thrilled by having to hear the appeal of the Etobikoke recount as soon as possible. They have enough on their plate, constitutional law, complicated criminal files, without having to decide a simple riding vote , which was taken and counted (twice) under EC. Isn’t this what EC is mandated to do? Pehaps judge Lederer dropped the ball and should have confirmed the result, but the fault lies squarely with EC. who didn’t bother enforcing their own rules.

    Clearly Del Mastro has been defamed with the leak of an investigation, I would think he would have ample grounds to sue EC and Mayrand for failure to keep an investigation secret.

  11. Jen Says:

    I guarantee you that all this leak is not done voluntary for free; the idiot who gave the information to the reporters not only did it out of vindictiveness but with pay. Someone from the outside must be paying the leaker big bucks to leak confident files….

  12. Sean M Says:

    The “Liberal” bureaucracy, the media party and the opposition working hand in hand once again on smearing the elected Government. This is really seriously F’d up! EC needs to find out how this info was leaked to the dynamic dips##ts Maher and MacGregor… again… and the Government must call on the RCMP to investigate what the heck is going on within EC. Clearly some shameful dirty tricks going on within EC.

  13. jameshmclaren Says:

    EC obtained a court order to produce documents from a company called Holinshed that contained information related to the Del Mastro affair. Holinshed is suing Del Mastro. Court documents related to these two events are indeed public. Saying a thing does not make it true.

  14. Winnie Says:

    Time for an investigation into Elections Canada, this is now documented that they are corrupt.

  15. Martin Says:

    Milewski was all over the story last night, with calls for Del Mastro to resign.
    They displayed the cancelled cheque on TV; imagine any police investigating team in the country treating evidence in this fashion.

    Not sure if the news last week of NDP contravening EC rules made it onto the National, did anyone see this news item on CBC?

    .Also not highlighted on CBC or by EC, was the small technical mistake which allowed CBC to broadcast voting results from Atlantic Canada into Ont while the polls remained open No apology or reprimand whatever for that little error.

    • Jen Says:

      Have you seen any display of names of liberals mps who still owe loans to the EC? Will Evans solomon show them?
      Maybe Dean we should show their names.
      why doesn’t Conrad Black become the head honcho of CBC. At least this man knows how to write and doesn’t take any BS from any little peepsqueak like Evans nor from tweeter fingers Kady O nor from Milly.

      • Jimmy Jack Says:

        Conrad Black running the CBC. That is absolutely brilliant. Seriously, please Mr. Harper do it. Now!

  16. Dirt Says:

    If the documents were under a protection order isn’t that a violation of a court order and those who violated said order are subject to criminal charges and punishment?

  17. CBC Payton’s hit-piece on Con MP “asking question for opposition MPs” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Payton is part of the Mean Girls journo pack which includes as a member the source of this story, Postmedia’s Stephen Maher and it is my theory that this is an organized gang-up on Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro for (in part) going after their ‘leader’ Kady O’Malley (see here). […]

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