Kenney calling AB PC an “asshole” only made me an even bigger fan

When a Liberal or NDP MP curse in the House of Commons or on social media, it of course is really the fault of the Conservatives who drove them to use such unparliamentary language (see here and here) and land them an immediate guest spot on CBC’s Power and Politics. When a Conservative calls someone a name in a private emailed leaked to the media, it’s of course a completely different story.

National Post – The email has created a public-relations headache for Kenney and the prime minister’s office (see here)

Globe and Mail –  Kenney is under fire and in hot water  (see here) *this line has now been removed from the story*

These are highly subjective and editorialized news articles and show how the media push an untrue meme when it suits their agenda.

And don’t even get me started on the Liberals and NDP who rushed to the side of this so-called conservative AB minister Thomas Lukaszuk. You’ll remember him as the one who called the police on a senior during the last provincial election (see here)

What a hypocrite.

Do the Liberals, NDP and complicit media realize they are looking exactly what Kenny called Lukaszuk?


11 Responses to “Kenney calling AB PC an “asshole” only made me an even bigger fan”

  1. Liz J Says:

    It’s so pathetically predictable to see the how quickly the media find something to counteract their alleged Nazi saluting duo of the doorknob and burning crosses fame. Justin Trudeau chiming in is a real hoot….bring on the rest of the clowns.

  2. antfrm Says:

    Amen ! – Kenny is, and always will be, my HERO – the stylized fop he referred to, had no problem beating on an old man during the election campaign, and is a completely useless deputy premier, and picks fights with the feds over absolutely nothing – and the Alberta premier should recognize her blunder, and fire this deputy toad forthwith

  3. Alain Says:

    Good for Minister Kenny and for not backing down. Who really cares any more about the media party other than their fellow travellers? They have absolutely no credibility any more. Actually they lost that a good while ago.

  4. ferrethouse Says:

    Amid all the outrage I was hoping to find a single story that asked the question, “Is Thomas Lukaszuk actually an asshole”? What would prompt Kenney to make that assertion? You know – questions a journalist might ask if they were interested in doing their jobs.

  5. bubbabrown Says:

    My Canadian dictionary defines anyone who gets his a** handed to him by a senior citizen that he was harassing.
    He then whines about it, bwaaaaaaaa
    That person sir is a “Profound Orifice” or more popularly an “a**hole”
    Minister Kenney is definitely a guy I would want to sit and have a beer with.
    Best immigration Minister in my lifetime.
    Keep on keeping on Mr Kenney, you rock!

  6. Rob C Says:

    Mr Kenny has a reputation of stating the truth. SO ONCE AGAIN HE HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD.

  7. Liz J Says:

    The biggest pack of hypocrites were on display in our HOC as they rose from the Opposition ranks to demand Kenney apologize for his private email. Their feigned outrage was stunningly obvious.

  8. Bocanut Says:

    Amazing that the poncified poofed up parliamentarian could have his hair so well coiffed in time for the his moment of media fame just after he called the cops on a sickly senior.
    Pablo Rodriguez and Jr. Trudeau can take styling lessons fron this guy

  9. brian mouland Says:

    Really this just amounts to Kenny messing thiswannabe poster boys hair. No big deal

  10. CPC blue through and through Says:

    Well, let’s get something straight, Lukaszuk IS actually an F****** A*hole. When he was education minister he was quite a bad example to students demonstrating often how to be a bully. Now he’s deputy premier (excuse me while I puke) we can expect more bullying and intimidation from the PC’s because they like him, just can’t help themselves.

    Mr. Kenney is a class-act and speaks the truth, there was no need for him to apologize.

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