Conservative MP rips ministers for abusing taxpayers’ money

Conservative MP Brent Rathgerber just became my favourite Canadian politician for his blog post about our government’s wasteful ministers:

In Grenfell Saskatchewan, most of the attendees have never ridden in a limo and none of them have ever drunk $16 orange juice.  Surely, they would appreciate if government took more care in spending their money. (see here)

This is a guy I want on my side and if this is any indication, Edmonton – St Albert is lucky to have him represent them.


5 Responses to “Conservative MP rips ministers for abusing taxpayers’ money”

  1. Frances Auger Says:

    Brent is my MP – and I think he is a wonderful. Good for him!!! The PM should promote him to a position of greater responsibility. Cheers.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Good for him… if thats how he sees things, then by all means tell it like it is… Rathgerber will now become a media “star”, not because media drones care about ‘wasteful’ spending, or because they think Rathgerber is right or wrong, but simply because he’s handed them a negative narrative about the Government.

    • Liz J Says:

      Right, Rathgerber will be a media star for all the wrong reasons, he’ll be another tool in the media arsenal to use against the Conservatives.
      There’s nothing wrong with having differing points of view on issues among party members, if one feels something isn’t right, say so, it speaks to the strength of the party. They sure cannot accuse the PM of being a control freak.

      • Steve Says:

        Liz, our government has become exactly what a lot of us fought so long for and against, irresponsible spending (EAP), wasteful spending (F-35) and frivolous spending (War of 1812 celebrations). If he is used as a tool to smack the government and the party back into line then we will all be the better for it.

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