Postmedia columnist calls some Albertans “fringe rednecks”

During the manufactured non-story and faux outrage about the English-only national anthem being sung at the Calgary Stampede, this was Tweeted by Peggy Curran of the Montreal Gazette:

Tell me an apology under threat of being fired wouldn’t be immediately issued had a columnist said something similar about the residents of Quebec.



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  1. BC Blue Says:

    antfrm Says:
    ah sweet ‘peg – yes , the policy of pandering to PQ separatists, while bashing the source of all those sweet billions in transfer payments that emanate from there – seems like such a good plan to keep the country strong
    – it is time for for the Mulclair “tar” babies to have the screen door hit their backsides

  2. BC Blue Says:

    Liz J Says:

    The doctrine says never miss an excuse, bogus or not, to go after those rednecks from Alberta. Was she trying to be gentle by calling them “fringe rednecks”?
    Have to say the targets of their screed have a lot more class than they ever will. Go to an event in Quebec and listen for our anthem in English, hell, listen for the anthem period.
    Does Peggy and her cohorts find it hard to accept the dirty tar money funneled into the French province/state from equalization transfers to their perpetually have-not state?

  3. BC Blue Says:

    brian mouland Says:
    Another member of the We Hate Albeerta because they support our useless asses GTA Elites club

  4. BC Blue Says:

    john Says:
    CPC blue through and through Says:
    Nice catch Dean! No AB students here protesting that their tuition isn’t free… Should we start calling QC ‘fringe free loaders’?

  5. BC Blue Says:

    John Says:
    An arts critic?

    I don’t think Calgarians & westerners should be too insulted by this remark. I mean she’s an idiot cocktail sipper who sits on her useless ass writing
    snotty crap about art. And really, we’ve seen the B.S. that passes for art in this country.

  6. JEN Says:

    Take a look at the first photo enlarge and what do you see that is missing by the speaker’s chair which other provinces have near their speaker

  7. Martin Says:

    To my mind the wholesale snipping at the Stampede by Eastern columnists would be treated as outrageous were the events Toronto’s Caribana, or Quebec’s Bon Homme.and the snippers Albertans.
    !00 years celebration of a cultural event means nothing to these folks if it falls west of Mississauga.

  8. Bec Says:

    She should really be quiet because this whole piece makes her look like a whiny fool and at least us “fringe rednecks” respect choice in education here in redneck AB. In fact us “fringe rednecks” allow our kids to learn more than one language in our schools, even entirely French ones. Imagine that!

    The fact is, this was a non event. Apologies (completely unnecessary, imo) were made, changes addressed and the only people who give a rats pitewee are chronic complainers and people with insecure related, inferiority complexes. In this case, that would fit perfectly!

  9. Sean M Says:

    It’s always curious when an isolated redneck bigot like Curran calls others bigots. Someone from the inherently intolerant, bigoted province of Quebec calling others bigoted for not being french enough is absurd. The Stampede has been around for a hundred years and has nothing to do with french. Keep the language tribalism, bullying and distortions of history, and reality, to the Province of Quebec. Quebec is not some bastion of tolerance by any stretch of the imagination, in fact it could be argued that they represent the exact opposite.

  10. Pissedoff Says:

    So what happened to my comment?

  11. Alain Says:

    Quiet honestly these morons are almost as important as a fart in a tornado. Like it or not English is the language in Alberta and most of Canada.

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