BC Conservative leader Cummins compares himself to Jesus Christ

There’s an internal fight going on inside the BC Conservative Party over John Cummins’ leadership or lack there of and Cummins and his gang are showing how they continue to deal with dissent.

There has been a litany of resignations (see here) in the last couple of weeks and Cummins throws gasoline on the fire by publicly calling one of the board members who is demanding the party follow its constitutionally mandated leadership review process, a Judas:

“There’s always somebody that is going to disagree. He’s the one, I guess. I don’t perceive it as a huge threat by any stretch of the imagination,” said Cummins, adding it is unreasonable to believe that any leader could enjoy unanimous support.

“I hate to use a biblical reference but Christ had 12 apostles and one turned him in,” Cummins said.

“We share the same initials but I can’t rise from the dead and I can’t get unanimity on the board. I wouldn’t expect to be able to. He couldn’t. I can’t.” (see here)

Stay tuned as I’m being told that a letter of support for Cummins has been sent out “by the majority of the board” accusing this same director of trying to get a party membership list in order to “spread their divisive message” 

What a gong show.

Update: Global picked up the story and John Daly shows exactly how the Liberals will use these biblical references against Cummins and the BC Conservatives (see here)


Toronto media uses Rob Ford’s niece to attack him

The Toronto media just can’t help themselves when it comes to piling-on Toronto mayor Rob Ford as this latest attack on him via his family shows.

It started with this story by the Toronto Star’s Katherine Dunn about a dumb Tweet Ford’s niece, Krista Ford sent out:

An hour after police held a news conference to warn women about a series of sex assaults in two Toronto neighbourhoods, Krista Ford, daughter of Councillor Doug Ford, offered her own advice.

“Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore,” Krista Ford, niece of Mayor Rob Ford, wrote on Twitter just after 6 p.m., adding “#DontBeAVictim” and “#StreetSmart.” (see here)

And when one news organization runs a story, it then ‘allows’ other media to jump all over it as well (see here, here and here). Tell me how this rates being in a news item.

Where do the media now draw the line at family members when used to go after politicians – 3rd cousins fair game?

The ‘winner’ though for the creepiest angle of ‘reporting’ on this non-story goes to City News Toronto’s anchor Roger Petersen who confronts Krista Ford on Twitter where he proudly defines himself as “daddy” (see here) in his bio.

Does Petersen follow Krista Ford on Twitter? How many other young women does he do the same with?

And how do you think he would like it if someone did this with his family? It’s far time the media stopped and thought about what it would be like having the shoe on the other foot.

Going to go out on a limb and say they probably wouldn’t like it so much.

Liberals sent staff to bring mentally incompetent senator to work

It has become common knowledge that the Liberals were fully aware that Senator Joyce Fairbairn was deemed mentally incompetent by her doctor and continued to allow her to sit and vote on laws for months afterwards but the article from the National Post’s Jonathan Kay shows the disgusting reasons behind it:

“Jim Cowan [is] a serious guy who was appointed to the Senate Liberal leadership by Paul Martin,” he told me. “He has no control over the Senate Liberals, because the most active are Chrétien appointees who have nothing but contempt for the Martin gang. So even if Jim wanted to do the right thing, my bet is the Chrétienites …  insisted that [Joyce Fairbairn] be kept in the Chamber despite her illness. They are [allegedly unprincipled individuals] who sent a member of Joyce’s staff to her house every day; to bring her to work when they knew she was ill. All this not to help her, but to delay [Stephen Harper] from appointing another elected Alberta senator to replace her. Watch what happens next. They will try to claim she is on ‘sick leave’ for the next two years. Just another way to [delay] the pick, and use her office budget to hire staff to work on party politics.”

“Their game now,” he added, will be to “attack the nasty Tories” for making an issue of Fairbairn. “These guys have no shame.”

This Martin/Chretien battle shines the light on why Kinsella went off the deep end with his bizarre threats (see here) and shows how ‘everyone’ in Ottawa knew about Fairburn’s illness and for how long.

No one is coming out looking good in this as the Conservatives had known for 2 years and agreed to protect Fairburn:

“we [Senators] have been quietly asked not to challenge Joyce in Committee or the Chamber, because she wasn’t well. This game of being ‘nice’ has been going on for too long.” (see here)

How many other senators are currently (and in the past been) used as warm voting bodies? What a vile thought to imagine political staffers wheeling out someone and basically raising their hand for them at the deemed correct time.

What else do these senators hide from the public?

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Tabloid fodder Liberal Senator Rod Zimmer has been outed as not being able to properly perform his duties for the entire 8 years that he’s been in the Senate (see here)

CBC: Elections Canada is using “former NDP candidate turned campaign communications strategist” in robocall investigation

In a stunning revelation from CBC Kady O’Malley, we learn that an Elections Canada robocall investigator is using a NDP partisan to provide technical advice:

Recently released court files contain further details linking pseudonymous robocaller Pierre Poutine to a computer used by a Guelph Conservative campaign staffer, according to a former NDP candidate turned campaign communications strategist who has been providing technical advice to an Elections Canada investigator. (see here)

Elections Canada isn’t completely corrupt right?

Sun’s Kinsella wants Liberal staffers to record when they “spot a drunken or stoned Conservative Parliamentarian”

In apparent retaliation to some unknown slights from unnamed Conservatives against Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn, who despite being deemed legally incompetent by her psychiatrist was allowed to remain in the Senate voting on bills for months (see here), Sun News’ Warren Kinsella has posted this on his blog site:

Leave Joyce alone

…or, here’s the deal: every Liberal staffer who spots a drunken, stoned or otherwise indisposed Conservative Parliamentarian will be provided with an online spot to record and document what they have observed. It won’t be pretty.

Or, you can be human beings, for once, Tory bastards. Your choice. (see here)

Quite the employee Sun News has there huh?

Update: Calgary Sun’s Stephen Lautens is now declaring open-season on comparing senator with dementia to others

Even with Alzheimer’s Joyce Fairbairn is a better Senator than most Harper appointments – good luck Joyce

We now have two Sun News employees publicly using Liberal senator’s illness to attack Conservatives

Update: Radio host Dave Rutherford had this to say

Warren Kinsella uses Sen Fairbairn condition as fodder for attacks on Cons, blaming them for exactly what he is doing. Cheap politics

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