Bombshell: NDP’s Leslie says Hill Times’ Naumetz used quotes on Harper-ATV story that weren’t hers

NDP MP Megan Leslie has stated that Hill Times reporter Tim Naumetz’s attributed quotes to her for his Harper hit-piece Opposition MPs criticize PM Harper for riding non-Canadian ATV in rare Yukon ecosystem (see blog post here) that are not from her.

Bethany Horne from Openfile Halifax posted this Tweet from Leslie:

Dear @TheHillTimes: Pls take that ATV article down & fix it. None of the quotes in it are mine & I’m tired of mis-attribution hatemail.

Horne also has Green Party leader Elizabeth May stating that her quotes are accurate (see here) but apparently no word yet from the Liberal’s Geoff Regan.

Stay tuned.

Update: Guessing Naumetz will keep his job as the quotes were actually from May. See new version with corrections here

Update: Green’s May says Naumetz misrepresented her quote about ATVs not being safe for children

May – I said very clearly to the reporter that responsible parents don’t let their kids on ATVs without training (see here)

Me – Take that up with Naumetz as you are quoted as saying ATV riding is not safe for children

Update: The Sun’s Ezra Levant catches Regan owning a Toyota and all four media outlets that ran a Harper-ATV story not telling their readers that the Ken Taylor quoted in each article was a former Yukon Liberal Party leader (see here)


10 Responses to “Bombshell: NDP’s Leslie says Hill Times’ Naumetz used quotes on Harper-ATV story that weren’t hers”

  1. Jen Says:

    You notice the swiftness HT responds to Megan Leslie’s request.
    What about the false and untrue stories said of/about PM Harper throughout the years. So far it is still out there for the public to remember it well even though it is a pack of lies.

  2. Liz J Says:

    In some cases it’s bad enough to be quoted without being misquoted. As for Timbo, have to ask if it’s his habit of making stuff up hoping his Lefty friends will agree and let it pass?

  3. Jen Says:

    Liz May said “canadians are stupid”

    Elizabeth May – agree or disagree

  4. Ed Says:

    The problem isn’t that Lizzie talks ‘too fast’, it’s that she ‘talks.’

  5. Stan Says:

    Harper Derangement Syndrome.
    A better headline for the Hill Times article, seriously, would have been: Batshit Ellie May Goes On Another Batshit Crazy Rant About Harper.

  6. babble Says:

    Bombardier builds it’s Can-Am ATVs in Mexico.

  7. Brian Mouland Says:

    Dont think they look that much alike Meggy put on some weight

  8. Hill Times reporter accused of making up quotes – again « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] it was NDP MP Megan Leslie and Green party leader Elizabeth May who complained (see here) and now we have a professor, Emmett Macfarlane doing the […]

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