CBC is paying Olivia Chow as a consultant on Layton movie

The cosy relationship between the CBC and the NDP just became even more outrageous.

I was musing about whether NDP MP Olivia Chow was being paid to consult  while I read the CBC story about her “offering tips” (see here) on the Layton movie funded by the CBC and sure as heck, she is.

Watch the entire Ezra Levant Sun News segment on the Media Party “beatifying” Layton but pay special attention at the 6:30 mark where Levant exposes the paid gig Chow has with the production company. (see here)

Tell me that it’s just dandy for Chow to directly profit via taxpayers on her dead husband’s propaganda film.


19 Responses to “CBC is paying Olivia Chow as a consultant on Layton movie”

  1. Ed Says:

    That woman is nothing short of disgusting.

  2. MaryLS Says:

    I knew she would have a big say over the “unbiased” script, but paying her — now that is a bit much.

  3. Jen Says:

    With our money.
    The province of CBC or shall I say CBC Nation is like Quebec. A ‘have-not’ they both can’t do without the public dough.
    And, they both live high on the hog.
    From the toilet paper to the smallest item at CBC nation is paid for by the little guy.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    And THIS is the real Jack Layton legacy.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    “I know his mannerisms quite well so I as able to give a few pointers, so to speak,” said Chow.”

    787 Dundas St West: The Velvet Touch. They, too, knew his “mannerisms”. So to speak………..

  6. Martin Says:

    How is it possible for the film to have any degree of objectivity with O Chow hired as a consultant? How is it fair for her opponent in the next election to run against what is certain to be a saintly portrayal of the wife on an icon? That CBC is even thinking of a movie at this time shows terrible judgement; movies on P Trudeau and T Douglas were made long after contemporary politicians were retired.
    Finally, Chow in 2010 was listed with Layton as running up the largest expense account of any MP, over $1.16 M. Obviously she doesn’t need another gig as an advisor to CBC. Where exactly is the minister resonsible for CBC in all of this?

    • Jen Says:

      Elizabeth May drives or drove a TOYOTA PRIUS. I tried to look for a photo of her in her ‘UN-CANADIAN’ car. the stupid media can’t seem to figure that one out.

  7. michael st.paul's Says:

    Pay her now .. up front … avoid the lawsuit later!

  8. Liz J Says:

    This whole fast tracking of Jack Layton to sainthood is getting out of hand, in fact it’s obscene.

    • Jen Says:

      According to the gospel of CBC and its disciples but in the real world Stephen Harper has done more for Canada during the recession than Layton ever did for the little when he was the city councillor.

      Working day and night to keep canada afloat with other countries that were and still are experiencing economical downturns for the sake of our country is not easy but the PM Harper managed with his party to do the unthinkable with the canadian public- SURVIVE.
      In fact, how many countries have said that they want to have our PM. The Americans alone begged us to take OBama and Pelosi in exchange for our PM Harper.
      Liz j, the list goes on and on.

      The MSM have played dangerous games with parties that have no use for our country and slowly but surely they the msm are going to choke. Not even the NDP nor the Libs nor the others give rats ass about the msm. In fact they are treated like crap.

  9. dmorris Says:

    This is so typical of socialists,they will do nothing unless there is something to gain. Socialists have no sense of charity or generosity,especially types like Layton and Chow.

    I suppose next Olivia will go on a speaking tour of Canada to “remember Saint Jack”,at several thousand taxpayer bucks per speech.
    This whole “worship Layton” thing has gone from ridiculous to absurd to vomit inducing in a very short time.
    But when your side,The Left,produces no real heroes,I guess you have to make do with what you have.

  10. Alain Says:

    Were the CBC a private company doing this on their own dime, I could care less, but using our tax dollars to produce such fiction and all that goes with it is unacceptable. Privatising the CBC is way overdue.

  11. Powell Lucas Says:

    If there’s a buck to be picked from the taxpayer’s pockets you can bet that the radical socialists will find a way to do it.

  12. Liz J Says:

    Who in the top echelons of CBC got the idea to further eulogize Layton in a movie? Who got the idea it would be something of interest to Canadians beyond the politics of it? This movie will be used as one big election ad for the socialists and the media party when it comes out around the next federal election. It’s devious at best, one would expect this sort of stuff from shysters. CBC is playing politics, what did Jack Layton do for Canada to warrant this extreme attention and expense to Canadians?

    We keep hearing from Dippers and the media party that Layton killed the Bloc in Quebec which is proving to be false. What happened in Quebec was a one-off attempt to get seats with power. They assumed there would be a coalition government with Liberals and Dippers giving Jack and his sidekick Lieutenant Tommy Mulcair the power to keep their promises to Quebec.

  13. paulsstuff Says:

    I think you are overlooking the obvious. If Chow is getting paid to be a “consultant”, I’d wager so are Jack’s kids getting paid as well.

  14. ohboy Says:

    To paraphrase the words of a well known Sask blogger…
    Jack Layton; not dead enough.

    …nor the CBC for that matter.

  15. Brian Mouland Says:

    Wonder which Quebec or Ontario lake the CBC created Jack will walk across in the TV movie

  16. CBC Finishing What Jack Layton Started « kootenaybob Says:

    […] they spend tax money on a movie to lionize Jack “rub and tug” Layton, then they pay Layton’s taxpayer supported widow more tax dollars to “consult” on said movie, now CBC Beta Male talker Jian Ghomeshi is carrying the […]

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