Helena Guergis lawsuit completely tossed out of court

Just when you thought the day couldn’t possibly get any worse for the Media Party, it’s being reported that the entire lawsuit brought against Conservative Party operatives and the prime minister has been thrown out.

Someone had better be put on suicide watch at all the watering holes in Ottawa where journos hang out at.

Stay tuned.

Update: From CBC Evan Solomon

Helena Guergis tells me she instructed her lawyer to appeal the decision so she can present her evidence. She has 21 days to file


18 Responses to “Helena Guergis lawsuit completely tossed out of court”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    A sad, sad day to be a Lib-Lefttard………..and the day isn’t even over yet! 😀

  2. OMMAG Says:

    She’s still good enough to run as a Liberal……….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    generally things come in threes, so watch out. maybe dion gets fined for not paying off his campaign debts today as well.

  4. Liz J Says:

    What a pathetic duo Guergis and hubby have proven to be. May they fade to black and get on with their lives without trying to bleed money from the political system through the courts. We’ve heard enough of Helena’s “somebody done me wrong” song, as the adage goes, she made her own bed, let her lie in it, we won’t provide the sheets.

  5. syncrodox Says:

    If one more shoe drops today as Anony suggests the Mean Girls Media Clique will forever refer to August 24th 2012 as Black Friday…the day the memes died..*sniff*

  6. Dirt Says:

    What evidence, if she were going to sue someone she should of went after the liberal media who smeared her for weeks.

  7. ohboy Says:

    Poor poor Helena
    Looking to blame in all the wrong places.

    Pull up your garters and get on with straightening out your life.
    You may well have to unload some baggage.

  8. dmorris Says:

    Have Helena and Rahim EVER earned an honest living,by which I mean,have either of them ever worked in something that wasn’t taxpayer-funded?
    Guergis was a Conservative mistake, a pretty face who sucked up to the Party to get her chance at a good pension. She always appeared to be a lightweight and I have had no sympathy for her since the day she stopped conducting herself as a representative of Canadian taxpayers should.
    Go get an honest job,Helena.

  9. Fat Tony Says:

    maybe “Door Knobs” will come to her aid

  10. Ed Says:

    This hasn’t been a good week for the Media party.

  11. gabbyinqc Says:

    I agree with Dirt @ August 24, 2012 at 11:29 AM. Rather than sue the Conservatives, Ms. Guergis should have directed her anger at her husband, whose questionable business dealings were placed under scrutiny by the sensationalist media. Also, the venomous jackals in the media and the opposition parties, especially the Liberals, who were ready to tear her apart limb from limb but then decided to shed crocodile tears once she fell from Conservative Party grace.

    The crocodile tears continue to be shed by the likes of Stephen Maher, Marie Vastel, and Greg Weston, who on today’s Power & Politics panel still appear to be concerned about Ms. Guergis’ future. Too bad they weren’t as concerned when they started to pounce on her about her alleged meltdown in the PEI airport.

    • Martin Says:

      The Guergis duo have no future as far as politics go. Ms. Guergis has served her purpose for the media party, and they now have no more use for her.
      Sadly, she should have realized this a long time ago and saved her money from pointless lawsuits.

  12. Bec Says:

    AMEN!!! Helena has made herself a sideshow. Had she stepped back,assessed the damage both deserved and undeserved, she could have made a come back but instead she, herself drove this wedge. Obviously she was being advised by idiots and one of them probably lives rather close to her.
    Prediction? D-I-V-O-R-C-E!
    There are to many egos and sadly a child has had to endure this gong show.

  13. Jen Says:

    When CBC came calling at her door to interview her; Helena should have known right there and then that they were up ‘to- no- good’ especially when CBC and the other media hunters were shredding her to pieces. She should have known that it was the media that did their very best to ‘RUIN’ the PM through her. She became the media’s punging bag.

    Maybe had she done what she did as a liberal, she would be still there and, the CBC would put notice to all their lame brain reporters to:
    Not to be too heavy with the news; space the news once in a while but not 24/7.

  14. Martin Says:

    Story up on CBC that she plans to appeal this decision..She can’t seem to understand her 15 minutes of fame is past. She is still young and with certain abilities which could be applied to a positive business carreer. Flogging this dead horse even further will do her no good at all. Whatever legal advice she is listening to, it is certainly not in her interest..

  15. Brian Mouland Says:

    What a great week Liberals get nailed by robocalls and Goofy gets her butt handed to her by the court See Ya Helena!

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