No charges or fines for NDP’s $340,000 illegal union ads

Someone finally leaked to the Toronto Star the total amount that the NDP was forced to return to their union buddies for “advertising” during their conventions:

The amount includes $40,860 at the 2006 convention in Quebec City, $102,500 from the 2009 convention in Halifax and $201,108 at the Vancouver convention last year. (see here)

Once again we have the NDP and their political supporters being let off without any punishment for breaking the Election Act.

The NDP were also caught laundering $130,000 of donations for the Broadbent Institute (see here) that went unpenalized by Elections Canada.

Notice that Brad Lavigne was involved in these scandals and that the NDP was said to have received advice from party lawyers both times even though no proof of these legal opinions is offered.

Just another “hideously unfortunately kerfuffle” to CBC’s Kady O’Malley though I’m sure.




12 Responses to “No charges or fines for NDP’s $340,000 illegal union ads”

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    […] I’d say it’s deep up their backsides — as in, a whole lotta butthurt. UPDATE: Speaking of those who’ve broken the Election Act… Once again we have the NDP and their political supporters being let off without any punishment for […]

  2. terrence Says:

    BUT, but, but, the NDP under SAINT Layton could do NO WRONG, EVER, of ANY SORT. Saint Layton was, and is, a national TREASURE. Any group, union or otherwise, that supported, or supports, the NDP, and thus, SAINT Layton can DO NO WRONG; they must be CONGRATULATED for their forward thinking, PROGRESSIVE, ideas and actions. All bow down and praise SAINT LAYTON!!!

    Just in case, /sarc off

  3. Alain Says:

    And I was expecting to see their offices raiding by the RCMP while the CBC cameras were rolling. Funny how that never happened. Funny also the lack of charges or fines by EC. At this rate EC will have the credibility of the CBC if they don’t already.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Didn’t Brad Lavigne resign from his PR duties with the NDP? Wonder if this had anything to do with it?
    Anyhow, gotta think the media party won’t consider this of interest, the NDP is now their party to protect since the Liberals have put themselves out of contention for the foreseeable future.

  5. Sean M Says:

    The media won’t care, they’ll simply act like this is business as usual in politics… it’s only a “scandal” when it can be laid at the feet of the Conservatives, then the media hysteria comes out in full force and synchronized for effect. EC is a lapdog of the left and corrupt to the core… disgraceful!

    • Liz J Says:

      Appears the elections rules/laws only apply to Conservatives. This outrageous case is another sign EC needs to be cleaned out, they need to spell out why the NDP is allowed to sidestep the rules, $340,000 bucks isn’t chump change and the ads it bought could swing a lot of voters who vote on one issue according to unions demands, it amounts to union interference in the democratic process. The government needs to deal with this one, it’s either illegal for all parties or it’s not.

  6. wallyj Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this ‘leak’ to To Star reporter Joanna Smith.
    It is all just TOO good for the NDP.

    If your party was in some serious ethicsl trouble,when would you want the info released?
    I can’t think of a much better time than the last Sunday in August. Parliament is not sitting,the Ottawa press gallery is busy working on their tans ,and the people of Canada are soaking up the last rays of summer. No one is asking for opinions from the other parties. Bob Rae,Liz May,two people that only love themselves more than a camera have been silent. Where are the inquiring reporters?

    This allows the NDP and the media to downplay the situation without much trouble. It also allows the NDP to respond to future inquiries with ” It is old news and has been dealt with,let’s move on”.

    I checked with a friend who has about a dozen years experience in the newspaper business as publisher. She said that the chance that the story by Ms. Smith made it to print without approval from higher up is extremely small. It could happen,but highly unlikely. If it was a rogue story,she’d be packing up her desk by the end of the day.

    Therefore,I conclude that the Star and the NDP are in cahoots on this release and know exactly what they are doing. I can’t figure out why the Canadian Press and the Globe haven’t written a word about this,but the CP is owned by GlobeMedia and Torstar, except to think that this HUGE scandal is being buried quickly.

  7. wallyj Says:

    I don’t do twitter. Is there an easy way to see the conversation without signing up?

  8. wallyj Says:

    Thanks,I’ll give that a try.

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