CBC’s Ghomeshi publicly commits to finishing “the work that [Layton] started.”

Trying to keep from getting violently sick, I intentionally avoided the fawning coverage of the anniversary of Jack Layton’s death as much as possible but in doing so, missed these unbelievably unabashed admissions by CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi:

Memorial service, hosted by Jian Ghomeshi 

He recalled the last time he hung out with Jack; they danced to Alicia Keys.

“He left us stunned and heartbroken,” he said. “But he also left us with a challenge: to finish the work that he started.” (see here)

Here is a CBC broadcaster admitting to not only hanging out with Layton on what is assumed to be a regular basis but also saying he wants to finish Layton’s political work for him.

How does Ghomeshi still have a job?

h/t @SheilaGunnReid

Update: Ghomeshi responded to my post via Norman Spector

thx, Norman. Context: Jack was long-time friend of mine (back to 1st-year uni). It was personal not political for me.


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  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    “But he also left us with a challenge: to finish the work that he started.”

    Not even a hint of or an attempt at a pretense of being unbiased or objective; they aren’t even bothering to try anymore. And who is “us?” *SIGH* Oh, nevermind.

    Personally, I don’t care that he wants to take up after his socialist buddy Layton. Comrades will be Comrades, after all. But he should be quiting his job and doing it on his own dime, not ours. If he can’t then he needs to be fired. In fact, everything CBC should be fired. This is just yet one more example proving why.

  2. Michael Harkov Says:

    This is getting bloody ridiculous. Yes God forbid that we forget about poor Jack Layton. The man was nothing until May 2011. He led a third or fourth place party in the House of Commons. His policies, were derided as a socialist nightmare, if the left-tards in the MSM/PPG even bothered to examine them at any length. Yet he gets cancer and dies and suddenly he is elevated to virtual martyrdom. Why? Because he was a “nice guy”, which is certainly debateable.

    The leftist media in this country hyped this up to the ionosphere. Why? One will never know but to those of us who see Layton as an ordinary, unsuccessful politican it is disgusting to watch. Are we hurting THAT badly for heros in Canada?

  3. ohboy Says:

    These rudderless people just blow me away.
    The need to believe in something…well thats human nature…we all aspire to hope.
    The need to ‘canonize’ public political figures of no record though…thats just foolishness.
    Perhaps had the head comrade lived…with a year of official opposition status under his belt..since that pretty well seems to sum up his accomplishments; jack may well have been regarded as a man of lesser status…we’ll never know.
    However we do know that st jack was an opportunist of the highest order and a man of questionable optiks.

    Jack a saint ? …hardly.
    A man of conviction…I can’t see it beyond his socialist proclivities.
    Clever?…In his public manipulation: yes to a degree.

    Keep in mind you believers in jack…That the PM took him on every political curve including offering up a state funeral to give jack’s classy masses something to cling to.

    Jack Layton worthy of extended attention?
    Well let’s just put him to bed.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Why does he still have a job? He works for the CBC and speaks to their agenda.

  5. dmorris Says:

    “Maybe our system should change so that the popular man can be our prime minister instead of what we get,” he said.”

    From the comments at the link,uttered apparently by a 75 year old man at the Layton Love Fest.

    This may not be such a bad idea,at various times our PM’s might have been Gordie Howe,Wayne Gretzky,Johnny Bower, none of whom can I imagine doing a worse job than Jack Layton.

    As I have said before,it is sad that the Left has so few REAL heroes,they have to make heroes of people like Jack Layton,who,when all is said and done, was nothing more than a competent politician who knew how to play the media.

    When the CBC does a movie about Smokey Smith,I’ll be impressed,until then I suppose we’ll have to make do with “Smilin’ Jack”, a package of BS disguised as a biography.

  6. Bocanut Says:

    “He recalled the last time he hung out with Jack; they danced to Alicia Keys.”

    Who led?

  7. Ed Says:

    Who’ll play the part of Gomeshi in the movie? He’ll probably play himself so he can double dip too, like Olivia.

  8. Hans Says:

    Are you suffering from Nausea & Dis-Pepsia or NDP?

    Be sure to consult your private physician as Jack certainly would have…!

    Get well soon Dean!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  9. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    If Preston Manning had died, there would have been one-twentieth of the coverage of his funeral and legacy by the media. And yet he was leader of the opposition for much longer than Jack and fundamentally changed Canadian politics.

  10. Bec Says:

    Memo to Ghomeshi: This is something you put in a personal blog, diary, grade 12 essay, not something you put in writing as an unbiased, professional journalist. Once you have read this, pass it on to the rest of those ill-prepared, maudlin, horribly boring,gossipy, non-researching peers that hang out in Ottawa.

    Pretending to be a ‘journalist’, copying and pasting/texting,…. getting all emotional because someone ‘talked’ to you and then NEVER giving an objective view but simply swooning because of a personal moment because of a dance with ‘Alicia Keys’? is well, ………so mind boggling to process.

    But then it was the CBC that saw fit to give you a soap (sob) box…….This is so frustrating.

  11. CBC Finishing What Jack Layton Started « kootenaybob Says:

    […] First they spend tax money on a movie to lionize Jack “rub and tug” Layton, then they pay Layton’s taxpayer supported widow more tax dollars to “consult” on said movie, now CBC Beta Male talker Jian Ghomeshi is carrying the torch… […]

  12. Sean M Says:

    Clearly Gomeshi is a fool… Layton accomplished nothing as a “political leader” of the extreme left, other then to make other extreme lefty’s like Gomeshi “feel” good. Gomeshi is so emotionally stunted it renders him incapable of rational thought… dancing with Jack? It’s like reading the rantings of a teenage girl referring to Justin Bieber. “Finishing what Jack started”? What the hell does that even mean? Is Jion going to need a tissue to “finish off what Jack started”? Nauseating partizan tripe… no wonder Gomeshi works for the CBC… what a silly little man, with all the political acumen of a 12 year old girl.

  13. Martin Says:

    If he is really interested in “finishing what Jack started”, Gomeshi should consider standing for parliament as an NDP candidate. This would take a lot of hard work, and would require abandoning his current job as journalist, and would involve much uncertainy. The dishonest route is to hang out at the CBC, accept pay backed by the Canadiam taxpayer, and carry out the role underhandedly. It says a lot about CBC ethics that management sees nothing wrong with this approach..

  14. Ed Says:

    “Finishing what Jack Started.” I think that means opening more body rub parlours.

  15. wilson Says:

    I’m curious, what did Jack start?
    Takeover of the LPC?
    Paving the way for Quebec to separate?

    Half of ‘Jack’s’ caucus are separatists, school kids on holidays, …imo, the seppies used the NDP to try to win a coalition of losers.

    I wonder how many of ‘Jack’s’ MPs are helping out the seppies in this Quebec provincial election….. ?

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