Ottawa journo warns her Left-leaning media cohorts that the public has clued-in to their bias

Although the Winnipeg Free Press’ headline is written as a tip for the NDP faithful, Mia Robson mainly designed her column with her fellow Ottawa Press Gallery members in mind:

Yes, the first anniversary of his death deserved to be marked. But the memorials went on for days and the media lapped it up and added more to the fray.

Many reporter friends raised eyebrows at the constant coverage of the anniversary of Layton’s death, fearing it plays right into the accusation the media are a bunch of left-wing sympathizers.

What Layton did for the NDP and in politics in Canada won’t be forgotten, but unless the NDP and the media move on, the substance of what Layton spent the last decade of his life working for will eventually be lost. (see here)

Notice that Robson is not ashamed of her media peers’ unabashed Leftie support, instead only telling them to keep it better hidden – otherwise they can’t effectively do the NDP’s dirty work for them.

Unfortunately for Robson even if her journo friends were to heed her advice, it’s far too late as the socialist cat is out of the bag.





8 Responses to “Ottawa journo warns her Left-leaning media cohorts that the public has clued-in to their bias”

  1. antfrm Says:

    shows that even a leftist sycophant can recognize the humongous bias shown by the media, and their pitiful so-called journalists

  2. Liz J Says:

    When you have a cabal of mainstream journalists shilling for the Left and admitting it we need treat them with the same respect we give the tabloids, can’t believe a damned thing they print. As for the video media, same thing but with even more spinning of the facts to manipulate opinion.

    When have we seen anything positive about our hardworking PM in the media? They even had to criticize the ATV he was riding on his visit to the North which had nothing to do with what he accomplished on the trip. Total ********.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    What better way to show how we felt about Jack than a tearful gathering on Dundas st.
    Followed by a barbecue featuring jerked chicken.

  4. Ed Says:

    The state funeral for this guy didn’t help. That, IMHO, was a blunder. Jack never sent no tingle up my leg.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Actually, I’m inclined to believe that these idiots demanded rope, and PM Harper gave them all the rope they wanted. 😀

  5. Sean M Says:

    Ahhhh… Robson “fears” that people will notice the over the top fawning by the media over the anniversary of Lyin Jacks death. Hate to burst her marxist bubble, but the media have been giving away their marxist/socialist dirty little secret for ages now, or maybe she’s like the majority of Canadians and doesn’t watch the CBC, CTV, or read the Glob@Plop or To Red Star etc. etc. etc. I’m glad to hear she “fears” being exposed, and I’m positive her fellow marxist/socialist/union comrades in the media will let her know to keep that “fear” to herself.

  6. john Says:

    I’ve always said the only people who defend the media against accusations of bias are the media themselves or lefties.

    Obviously the media themselves will admit no wrong because of their almost infinite arrogance and the lefties must defend the media to protect their own propaganda department.

    The next time you are debating someone about press bias in the comments ask them straight out if they are a journalist. Watch how quick they disappear.

  7. Brrr Says:

    It’s scary when Mia Rabson is admonishing others in the MSM for appearing too left. Her columns are almost always militantly anti-Conservative.

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