Liberals sent staff to bring mentally incompetent senator to work

It has become common knowledge that the Liberals were fully aware that Senator Joyce Fairbairn was deemed mentally incompetent by her doctor and continued to allow her to sit and vote on laws for months afterwards but the article from the National Post’s Jonathan Kay shows the disgusting reasons behind it:

“Jim Cowan [is] a serious guy who was appointed to the Senate Liberal leadership by Paul Martin,” he told me. “He has no control over the Senate Liberals, because the most active are Chrétien appointees who have nothing but contempt for the Martin gang. So even if Jim wanted to do the right thing, my bet is the Chrétienites …  insisted that [Joyce Fairbairn] be kept in the Chamber despite her illness. They are [allegedly unprincipled individuals] who sent a member of Joyce’s staff to her house every day; to bring her to work when they knew she was ill. All this not to help her, but to delay [Stephen Harper] from appointing another elected Alberta senator to replace her. Watch what happens next. They will try to claim she is on ‘sick leave’ for the next two years. Just another way to [delay] the pick, and use her office budget to hire staff to work on party politics.”

“Their game now,” he added, will be to “attack the nasty Tories” for making an issue of Fairbairn. “These guys have no shame.”

This Martin/Chretien battle shines the light on why Kinsella went off the deep end with his bizarre threats (see here) and shows how ‘everyone’ in Ottawa knew about Fairburn’s illness and for how long.

No one is coming out looking good in this as the Conservatives had known for 2 years and agreed to protect Fairburn:

“we [Senators] have been quietly asked not to challenge Joyce in Committee or the Chamber, because she wasn’t well. This game of being ‘nice’ has been going on for too long.” (see here)

How many other senators are currently (and in the past been) used as warm voting bodies? What a vile thought to imagine political staffers wheeling out someone and basically raising their hand for them at the deemed correct time.

What else do these senators hide from the public?

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Tabloid fodder Liberal Senator Rod Zimmer has been outed as not being able to properly perform his duties for the entire 8 years that he’s been in the Senate (see here)


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  2. ctalkcanada Says:

    I like what you had to say, and the book that you posted is a rather good book. I just don’t see why she doesn’t do the proper thing and resign. Two years of sick leave for a disease that has no cure right now. It will progress, then what?

  3. Michael Harkoc Says:

    No one is coming out looking good in this as the Conservatives had known for 2 years and agreed to protect Fairburn:“We [Senators] have been quietly asked not to challenge Joyce in Committee or the Chamber, because she wasn’t well. This game of being ‘nice’ has been going on for too long.”
    So, the Liberals asked the Tories (the ones THEY say are always “mean spirited”) to leave this poor, ill woman alone, then proceeded to hide behind her as they tried to carry on with their business as usual, asking the Tories in their silence to aid them in their complicity. Wowwwwwwwwwww……………..

    Ironic, isn’t it, that it is the low brow, “mean-spirited” Tories that were being asked by the Libearls to protect ONE OF THEIR OWN ill Liberal Senators…………and it ends up being from those very champions of democracy and senior citizens, the Liberals, that she was in most need of protections from.

    I’m at a loss as to how disgusting that the Liberal Party has become. After this sad debacle I truly, truly believe that there is NO depths that they would not plunge for the sake of political expediency.

    • Dirt Says:

      At what point does exploitation become elder abuse? Did she go to work willingly? Are liberal senators so poorly staffed they needed to exploit this woman’s illness to ensure more staffers for themselves?

  4. Dirt Says:

    Carting her off to work day after day, did she even want to go, was she even aware of what they were doing to her? What did they do with her when she got to work stuff her in a closet and leave her there? My god what does it take to get the ethics minister involved?

    • frances Says:

      The story is that Ms Fairburn actually enjoyed going to her office as it was familiar territory which she could still recognize through her dimentia. But that means the Liberals thought so little of the Senate that they had not scruples about turning it into a daycare for a dimentia patient.

  5. ohboy Says:

    It would appear that the rugs in the red chamber are wearing thin and that the cockroachs have come to light.
    Watch them scurry.

    Tongue out of cheek…
    Some serious Senate reform is long overdue.Perhaps the PM will find himself in a better bargaining position …should that be his wish.

    The optics look bad…especially for the libs.

    • Jen Says:

      PM Harper He tried to reform the senate but the senators themselves were all over the PM even after he read a passage from a senator who wrote in 1926 or ealier said that ‘the senate needs to be reformed.’

      Remember the liberal senator who spent most of his time living in Mexico only to appear at the senate to cast a vote here and there?

  6. brad maynard Says:

    so the senate chamber is now officially a retirement villa too. we as taxpayers should be happy that they were able to combine the two, right? (sarc)

  7. Thucydides Says:

    Two tragedies; the personal one of the exploitation of an ill, elderly Senator for partisan political purposes, and the larger one of the exploitation of Canadian voters and taxpayers by the Liberals for partisan political purposes.

    The sooner we can eliminate that disgusting gang root and branch from the Canadian body politic the better.

  8. Cory Arsenault Says:

    Remember when Harper appointed that formerly illiterate hockey coach as a Senator and the Libs were screaming that he wasn’t competent to be appointed because he couldn’t read well enough?

  9. Bocanut Says:

    Winkie the punk clown of the Liberal party will be threatening Conservatives for their treatment of Joyce Fairburn in his next Sun colunm.

  10. Hans Says:

    Well I gather the slur ‘Demented Dominion’ has taken on new meaning with a heightened gravitas…!

    I mean seriously, who is more demented; Senator Joyce Fairburn or the comedians exploiting her illness? I’m starting to lean towards the latter…

    Maybe they should be considering a new bill in the Criminal Code for “Senatorial Elder Abuse”. (Senate Bill S-JF73) or is that Sanotorium Elder Abuse?

    I suppose they could advertise on tv, to report Senatorial elder abuse like they do with regular folks. They have demonstrated they have no shame and no brains. When they begin to demonstrate some leadership please let us all know.

    I could probably do a better job with blindfold and earplugs.


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    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
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    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

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  12. chris Says:

    aren’t all Liberals mentally incompetant…..kind of a job requirement isn’t it?

  13. Bubba Brown Says:

    Outragous, demeaning, elder abuse.
    If their is a lesson here it is that we all need protection from the Liberal Party of Canada.
    They have sunk to a new low.

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