Toronto media uses Rob Ford’s niece to attack him

The Toronto media just can’t help themselves when it comes to piling-on Toronto mayor Rob Ford as this latest attack on him via his family shows.

It started with this story by the Toronto Star’s Katherine Dunn about a dumb Tweet Ford’s niece, Krista Ford sent out:

An hour after police held a news conference to warn women about a series of sex assaults in two Toronto neighbourhoods, Krista Ford, daughter of Councillor Doug Ford, offered her own advice.

“Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore,” Krista Ford, niece of Mayor Rob Ford, wrote on Twitter just after 6 p.m., adding “#DontBeAVictim” and “#StreetSmart.” (see here)

And when one news organization runs a story, it then ‘allows’ other media to jump all over it as well (see here, here and here). Tell me how this rates being in a news item.

Where do the media now draw the line at family members when used to go after politicians – 3rd cousins fair game?

The ‘winner’ though for the creepiest angle of ‘reporting’ on this non-story goes to City News Toronto’s anchor Roger Petersen who confronts Krista Ford on Twitter where he proudly defines himself as “daddy” (see here) in his bio.

Does Petersen follow Krista Ford on Twitter? How many other young women does he do the same with?

And how do you think he would like it if someone did this with his family? It’s far time the media stopped and thought about what it would be like having the shoe on the other foot.

Going to go out on a limb and say they probably wouldn’t like it so much.


15 Responses to “Toronto media uses Rob Ford’s niece to attack him”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Sounds like all good advice to me that Krista tweeted. But as usual the Ford and conservative haters have to pile on with all their politically correct BS. And ONLY because she’s a relative of Rob Ford, this becomes a major news headline. Honestly, this is a perfect example of what’s wrong with our MSM today.

  2. robins111 Says:

    If I was that bunch of feminazi’s and mangina carrier’s I’d be real careful about taking this young lady on. I suspect if she got her dander up, she could flail the hell out of Peterson all day long and not break a sweat. Notwithstanding the fact that a) its highly unlikely she’d ever be charged and b) it’d be very welcome to most Torontonians.

    Plus that, and more importantly, her statement has had one positive outcome, every feminist in Canada has seemingly blown an ovary over it. lol

  3. Jacoub Bondre (@jbondre) Says:

    Here is the reality. When someone says “Don’t dress like a whore” What you are actually saying is this: “In our society, women must restrict their behaviour to prevent men from being overwhelmed by there sexual impulses.” or in Lay man’s terms. It is a women’s faul;t if someone rapes her if she wheres certain close.

    The unfortunately named “Slut walk” is a group of women saying “Men should be responsibility for their own penises” and “Freedom of expression ends when you turn-on a man”

    Are sexual predators more likely to attack women who are scantly dressed? There is zero evidence, or even loose correlation. For the simple minded, it just sounds right.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Muslims disagree

    • Michael Harkoc Says:

      Let me put it to you another way. How wise would it be to go into Crip gang territory wearing the colour red (the signature colour of their arch-rivals, the Bloods)? Sure, you are perfectly within your right to wear the colour red anytime you please. But “in our society gangs must restrict their behaviour to prevent their members from being overwhelmed by their violent and territorial impulses”. Or it is perfectly within your right to deck yourself out in diamonds and go strolling throughout the seedier parts of town. But “in our society the underworld must restrict their behaviour to prevent robbers from being overwhelmed by their greedy and criminal impulses”.

      Both are within your right to do. But how prudent is it, regardless of what women’s rights are?

      So, HERE is the reality – no one has a right to rape any woman, regardless how a woman is dressed. However, in the same vein, that same woman has the right to be stupid in assuming that everyone will respect that right and go out half-naked anyway.

    • NeilD Says:

      “wheres certain close”??????????????

  4. Dirt Says:

    I wonder how the liberal media urnalists would like us to track their relatives and then report on their activities, seems to me the media is desperate to get the Senate story off the front pages ergo they create another fake story.

  5. Sean M Says:

    This is just more bully tactics from the repugnant media and the other lefty activists with their continuing war against anyone who doesn’t “think” like them. The tyrannical, intolerant nature of the media, and the lefty extremists they speak for, have no moral or ethical compass… they HATE Rob Ford, therefore, they HATE anyone associated with him. These creeps have decided to gang rape Rob Fords niece in a very public way, as a warning or a threat, all because they HATE Rob Ford… as always with the left, the end justifies the means.

  6. You Are Right Says:

    It truly is disgusting what the media does here. Funny how there is always a pic of Mayor Ford at his worst. Whether he is leaving KFC with a bag of food, driving and reading, or trying to deal with a peeping Tom reporter who is intentionally rousing the Mayor at his home. It all makes me sick, and The Star should be ashamed of itself. This is your Mayor, and you as a paper are personally representing your paper rather than being true journalists. Ever tried searching for Rob Ford on The Star’s website?

    Everyone knows Krista did not intend to hurt any victims with her comment. She never said anyone who doesn’t dress like a whore should be raped. She was only speaking to the fact that danger could be heightened. I agree with your sentiments in this article completely. They definitely would not be able to handle the tables turning, which I am sure there would be worse offenses conceived with the other “foot”

    • Brian Mouland Says:

      With the Red Star think their next story may involve following Ford to the toilet to see how many nugget he drops in the bowl

  7. jon Says:

    One of the links you posted, Dean, is to CP24 — a CTV-owned local Toronto news channel that I watch quite frequently. Funny thing about them and their feigned outrage over K. Ford’s tweet.

    Every morning on their breakfast program they have a segment where they show what’s on the cover of the 4 main newspapers — The Star, The Globe, The Post and The Toronto Sun — with their two morning show hosts having discussions and commenting on the main stories featured. Several months back when the Sun did the story on the east-end Islamic bookstore selling a guide on how to beat your wife and running it on the cover as their main story, it was the one paper they did not feature in the segment, only holding up the covers of the other 3 papers which, of course, did not do that story. Ditto for the story done only by the Sun about an Islamic preacher who, just a few blocks from their studios on Queen St. West, was spouting off about how women who dress provocatively deserve to be raped. On that morning, the Sun was the one paper not held up for viewers to see and with no explanation by the two CP24 news why they were hiding it from viewers. But now, apparently, they deiced they are offended and must run stories, with the target more they mayor than his neice. Pathetic hypocrites they are.

  8. Jen Says:

    Has the NDP repaid the ILLEGAL MONEY?
    Has Lib Frank Valeriote paid the fine for the illegal phone calls during the election?
    Have the libs who still owe loans to election Canadia since 2006 repaid theirs loans yet?
    Have the LPOC repaid the 40million dollars?
    I notice that all medias are very quiet on these yet rail to no end about Oda’s 16dollar orange juice.

    CBC gets money from the general public and for everything they buy to their salaries to the garbage bin is and are all paid for by the general public.
    CBC has no idea how to survive on its own. Evans and his ilks have problems with other people using the government money when his own salary is paid for by us and what exactly is his qualification or Kady’s other than her twiddling her thumbs.
    We pay for their drinks, the water machine, the toilet paper, to the smallest toothpick.
    Yet again, the 16 dollar orange juice was the greatest problem. BTW. Oda repaid.
    But, has CBC repaid the public for using OUR MONEY ON THEIR CRAP- NO NEVER AND WHY SHOULD THEY.?

    CBC and other medias are praying and hoping that the public WILL forget about the ndp and liberal illegal doings. But we will not forget.

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