CBC Kady mocks Harper and his family at tennis event

Very classy of CBC’s Kady O’Malley (see here)

Guess it’s now deemed open-season on female journos’ hair-styles and colouring disasters.


Viciousness of municipal politics shown in Newmarket Ontario with vile attacks on female councilor

About the only thing I like about Henry Kissinger is this quote from him:

University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small

I think of it every time I see how unintelligent people react in the political arena as it sums up how small minds coalesce around small issues.

It’s easier for them to wrap their brains around tiny things than admit to themselves and others they’re clueless about solving what really matters to those who they are supposed to be representing.

And when these idiots get caught-out, they generally react the same way – lashing out at a common enemy as either a distraction or because that’s all they know what to do.

A perfect example of this is what is going on in Newmarket Ontario where one male city councilor, Tom Vegh, uses his teenage son and friends to attack a female councilor, Maddie Dimuccio. *Warning* Screen shot image contains one very nasty word:

Undeterred, Dimuccio isn’t letting these types of disgusting personal and misogynistic attacks stop her from exposing some of the devious behavior of this council who state publicly they support honouring a dead boy but then secretly vote against naming a play-field after him. (see here)

We need more politicians like Maddie Dimuccio.

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