Bombshell: Elections Canada robocall investigator fabricated quote

Consider the Guelph Ontario robocall case dead in the water after this stunning revelation:

Some of the most damaging evidence against a Guelph man in the middle of the robocall scandal was based on an error made by an Elections Canada investigator, court records show.

“In an earlier (sworn affidavit) I wrote that Sona called McBain ‘about a campaign of disinformation such as making a misleading poll-moving call,’” Mathews wrote in a footnote on page 30 of the 36-page document. “On checking I realize that in both interviews Mr. McBain … did not recall Sona as relating the call to ‘disinformation’ or about a ‘misleading poll moving call,’ only that he wanted to set up an autodial call that would not track back to the Burke campaign.” (see here)

And I imagine a lawsuit will soon follow.


Senator embarrasses Conservative Party by proselytizing Iranian government

Don Meredith obviously had no business being appointed to the Senate by PM Stephen Harper and further showed why with his attendance at an Iranian Embassy function.

Not only does Meredith play the Useful Idiot, he has the nerve to call those of us who won’t act as Iranian propagandists, “fear-mongers”:

“It’s about us working together as countries that promote peace and harmony.  Not about what the media tells us we should talk about. Not about what fear mongers would want us to hear. But about us truly loving one another. So today may the almighty God continue to bless you, and this great work, and this great organization.” (see here)

This was on top of calling Iran’s chargé d’affaires Kambiz Sheikh-Hassani “my great friend”.

Notice how Meredith parrots his Iranian buddy:

“We strongly dismiss baseless allegations by (some) media that (the) ‘Iranian Embassy has been recruiting ethnic Iranians in Canada to be of service to Iran”  (see here)

And as for his loyalty to the Conservative Party:

“I’m a senator. I’m free to do as a I wish with respect to my engagement with the Iranian community and with the people of Iran”

Will Harper finally make an example of one of these senators and remove Meredith from the Conservative caucus?

Update: Meredith’s office responds to Macleans and makes an even bigger mess (see here)

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