Parti Québécois shooter “described himself as a federal Liberal”

This from the Globe and Mail on shooting suspect Richard Henry Bain will hopefully stop any current and future linkage like we saw here to the Conservative Party and PM Stephen Harper:

La Conception Mayor Maurice Plouffe added that Mr. Bain described himself as a federal Liberal and invited the mayor several times to attend party events. (see here)

Update: Bain had a total of 22 firearms which were all registered (see here)


4 Responses to “Parti Québécois shooter “described himself as a federal Liberal””

  1. Bec Says:

    Oh but the arrogant, self righteous left media will find a way to blame the PM. They are an angry, mean bunch of people who never self reflect what they have done to this country (and that Province) by not reporting facts but simply and obnoxiously regurgitating their personal opinions. Waiting for a Police report is a novel concept that many less than stellar, so called researching journalists should attempt before they spout off with their back handed gossip and innuendos.

    • brianmouland Says:

      Bets are the Media Party are going to formulate some connection between the shooter and Harper, more lies

  2. wilson Says:

    The shooting suspect is a well liked Scottish fellow who spoke french, owned a hunting and fishing camp, was trying to expand.

    ” Hours before gunshots rang out at a Parti Quebecois rally on Tuesday, Bain had been sent a note informing him that his request for an ice-fishing licence at his lodge had been put off.” (something about further enviro review)
    ”He shouted about an awakening of English-speaking Quebecers as he was whisked away”

  3. Citizen calls Parti Quebecois-event shootings a “gift for Marois” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] See earlier post on Bains’ political affiliation here and the classless tweet from a Globe reporter on night of shootings […]

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