Editorial: Shame on those who condemned but now silent about EC investigator’s phony robocall quote

It’s been two days now since the Guelph Mercury broke the story that Elections Canada’s lead robocall investigator Matthew McBain  Al Mathews fabricated a quote by Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona (see here) yet not a single mention of this has been reported anywhere except by the Mercury.

As noted by the Mercury Editorial today, this deafening silence speaks volumes:

It’s to Elections Canada’s credit that it corrected the public record on this point. It’s incredibly unfortunate for Sona that it did so in such a muted manner.

It’s also unfortunate and unjust for Sona that the individuals and organizations who made so much ado over the incorrect Elections Canada information haven’t been as diligent in prominently noting that a seemingly damning piece of evidence against Sona was incorrect. (see here)

Postmedia’s robocall super-sleuths did blame Elections Canada yesterday but only for not trying hard enough to catch ‘Pierre Poutine’ (see here).

Funny that huh?

Update: McGregor blames Sun News “who served up a potential villain” on his blog (see here)

Notice also that McGregor mentions that the Ottawa Citizen was has been aware of Mathew’s fabrication for weeks now:

our paper obtained on August 10, Mathews offered a substantively different description of his interview with McBain


16 Responses to “Editorial: Shame on those who condemned but now silent about EC investigator’s phony robocall quote”

  1. Guffman Says:

    McGregor Maher: No reporting on the lone LIBERAL who was charged for robocalling, and now no mention of this major fabrication of a quote attributed to Sona. Yet they’ve written over 100 columns on the robocall “scandal”. M&M are making it no secret the they’re only out to smear the conservatives – truth be damned. I would really like to see a lawsuit slapped on EC’s McBain, and then see if the despicable duo report on that.
    And on the same topic, I haven’t heard much on all this from loudmouth NDP Pat Martin lately either… funny that, as well!

  2. Robbie Says:

    Official spin to come from Left MSM M& M have done nothing wrong in their minds so why apologize?

    How about this:

    “She hit the correct notes in her news conference on Wednesday, pointing out that Quebec is not a violent society, that the incident had nothing to do with politics.

    Quebecers will take note of the formidable Madame Marois’s poise today. She can be expected to benefit, especially, from appearing in a positive light to the majority of Quebecers, who did not vote for her.”

    Writing drivel about a PQ separatist hell bent on destroying the country, it appears Maher has finally moved on from obsession with robo calls to function as Quebec’s own version of Baghdad Bob.
    May i recommend this from Harvey Oberfeld for those who want the truth about Quebec politics and media:

    “In fact, as someone born in Quebec, raised there for 24 years, holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Concordia University in Montreal and who still has family and friends there who I talk to and visit quite regularly, I know how it will all unfold.

    Let me tell you …. because the politically-correct Anglophone media and the sovereignty-friendly Francophone media will not … until they analyse it all AFTER it happens.”


  3. ohboy Says:

    It makes a lot of sense when one remembers that these ***hats work for the ‘unregistered’ media
    -party whose sole agenda seems to be the total emersion of Canada into the socialist enclave.
    Enough with the conspiacy theories !
    Maher & McGregor are ***hats …their article yesterday was engineered to make them appear in the loop, but really it was all deflection with no substance.

  4. Dave Says:

    Time for Harper to pull a “Reagan” and fire the lot of them and start fresh.(I he could) I can just hear the screams from the MSM. It might show them to be the fools they are.

  5. Powell Lucas Says:

    For someone to be capable of feeling shame for their actions they must be capable of feeling that emotion. Leftist liars are lacking the “shame” gene.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Matthew McBain is the staffer that Elections Canada Investigator Al Mathews misquoted regarding Michael Sona. Just thought you should change that in the article

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You seem a bit confused here Dean. The way I read the Mercury story it looks like Matt McBain works for the CPC. He is not an Investigator and he didn’t make anything up.

  8. Liz J Says:

    The aforementioned/pictured excuses for journalists, Dot and Dash, conveniently have a very short attention span, they haven’t grown up enough to stop playing games, making up stories to feed their wildest dreams.
    This robocall revelation should be met with front page apologies, not only from the Dots and Dashes but the editors of the papers/rags who really have the responsibility to ensure their employees get the facts. Is it any wonder the print media is going the way of the Dodo?

  9. Robocall updates — mooseandsquirrel.ca Says:

    […] nary a peep from Canada’s robocall super-sleuths on this particular breaking robocall news […]

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    The silence is indeed deafening, they are beneath contempt.
    All that matters is that Conservatives are smeared or belittled.
    Best PM and Government in my lifetime working hard for all Canadians.
    I remember the late Larry Zolf saying that PM Harpe’s treatment of the media was that of an ingrate.
    His opinion was that the media made him and that the media could brake him.
    He felt that unless Mr Harper treated the media better that he would never move beyond a minortity.
    This was in 2006 I think we have treated the media with the contempt that they richly deserve and we still have our majority.
    I also agree with PM Harper that the longer he is PM the longer he will be PM.
    Canada is realizing that we are being well governed,.
    Perfect ? No but just look south or at Tommy the Commie and be thankful for a solid majority Government, that gets buisness.
    Cheers Bubba Brown

  11. brianmouland Says:

    Typical of the Media Party, A-Holes!

  12. Bocanut Says:

    They’ll be sneaking around washrooms next looking for Nazis.

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