BC Conservatives only MLA no longer supports leader Cummins

Minutes of an in-camera board meeting have surfaced today in the media showing BC Conservative leader John Cummins has lost his only MLA, John Van Dongen:

“Although John van Dongen met with the Leader to discuss issues, John van Dongen can no longer support John Cummins’ leadership style” (see here)

This is by far the most damaging denunciation of his ‘leadership’ that has come to light in recent weeks but don’t for a second think Cummins nor his small group of fanatical followers will believe themselves the problem.

These types are completely delusional and will always find an enemy to cast dispersions upon instead of looking in the mirror.

Also: See earlier posts on Cummins comparing himself to Jesus Christ here and the recent mass resignations here


7 Responses to “BC Conservatives only MLA no longer supports leader Cummins”

  1. Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

    Well Dean, last week you severely “pounded” me for thinking it was a bad idea so close to an election but now I see the better value of having a review. I will now send in a YES vote.
    I follow your posts constantly. Thanks for keeping us up to date on circumstances pertaining to the Conservatives.
    P.S. I do not drink “Kool Aid” from anyone as you suggested.

  2. dmorris Says:

    Adrian Dix WAS contacted but couldn’t stop laughing long enough to respond.

    I wonder how it will feel to own 75 of 82 seats in the Legislature,as Dix is going to do,barring a miraculous turnaround.

    Dean, as a Federal Conservative,I really have little knowledge of the workings of the Provincial Conservative Party,so as an insider, who are some candidates that should be considered to replace Cummins?

  3. ohboy Says:

    The perceived optics of Van Dongen taking the helm are not good for a number of reasons.
    Although he may be sincere as I’m sure, and wish to grow the Party,he will be perceived as an opportunist and have the further uphill battle of fending off the political rotten fruit hurled at him during what is shaping up for an emotionally charged election next year.
    Should other sitting MLA’s from the BC libs wish to join the BcCP, the precedence is set and should it happen one can just imagine the opposition/media rhetoric either hurled or implied of the takeover of the Cummins party by backdoor operators.
    Though I can’t abide by Cummins and his crowd…neither can I abide by the possibility that the provincial conservative party become a safe haven for expatriate BC liberals.

    This of course begs the longshot question of whether or not the CPof BC is being undermined or infiltrated?
    Time will tell.

  4. Bocanut Says:

    BC Conservatives are imploding faster than the Liberals?

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