Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s complaint letter to Elections Canada on Liberal Valeriote’s robocalls

Marty Burke (Guelph Conservative Candidate of Record)

March 12, 2012

Commissioner of Canada Elections
c/o Elections Canada
257 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0M6

Dear Commissioner,

I wish to file an official complaint with your office concerning an incident that happened in the Guelph EDA during the 41st Federal Election.

On April 30, 2011 a recorded voice message was sent to an unknown number of Guelph residents. The actual transcript of the voice message:

“Hi, I’m Laurie MacDonald of Guelph.  I’m appalled by what I read in the Mercury today.  I’ve been an advocate for women’s rights for most of my life.  Conservative candidate Marty Burke believes that under absolutely no circumstance should a woman have a right to choose.

Government should not be able to force their beliefs onto me.  We live in a multi-faith, multi-cultural society.  Let’s move forward and not back.

The race in Guelph is very close, vote strategically on Monday to protect our hard earned rights from the Conservatives and Marty’s extreme views.”

I believe this message violates Section 320 of the elections act in that it does not indicate “in or on the message that its transmission was authorized by the official agent of the candidate or by the registered agent of the party”. In other words, it was a deliberate attempt to sway voters away from the Conservative Party while remaining anonymous.

Secondly, under the CRTC Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (which are applicable in elections), such calls “shall display the originating telecommunications number or an alternate telecommunications number where the telecommunication originator can be reached”.  The number displayed 226-209-3758 had no call back capability and no other number was provided maintaining anonymity.

Finally, the CRTC rules state such calls cannot be made on weekends after 6 p.m. There is some question as to whether some or all of the calls were made before or after this time but I believe it does bear investigation.

In early March, Guelph resident Greg Schirk, who received the message last April 30th, sent the original voice mail message to the Guelph Mercury newspaper. They subsequently published a story on this revelation.

Only after this event was made public did the local federal Liberal campaign admit that they had created and transmitted the message.

The clear intent of this Liberal Party authorized message was to slur myself and the Conservative Party in the hopes of discouraging votes for the Conservative Party. This was done without indicating it was a Liberal Party message, with no call back ability to check the origin, and possibly outside the time period in which these types of calls are allowed.  The Liberal campaign also admitted the name “Laurie MacDonald” was fictitious- apparently another attempt to cover their tracks.

With these telephone calls, we are left to wonder how extensively they were sent and how much did they affect the Guelph election outcome. Their timing coming less than two days before the election, their content designed to inflame people, and their devious anonymity maximizes their impact.

I respectfully request that your offices investigate to determine whether an offence or offences occurred under the Elections Canada Act or the CRTC rules attached to the act due to these recorded voice messages.

I am available to assist in any way possible.

Marty Burke


14 Responses to “Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s complaint letter to Elections Canada on Liberal Valeriote’s robocalls”

  1. Jen Says:

    Apparently Daniel Dickin has a blog on the same story (more or less).

    Friday, September 7, 2012
    Disgraced Liberal Guelph MP slips, admits his party targeted Conservatives with robocalls

    The plot thickens against the disgraced Liberal MP for Guelph after being fined and admitting to participating in illegal robocalls.

    In this interview with Sun News, Frank Valeriote has quite the revealing slip as he’s being interviewed:

  2. dmorris Says:

    Tip of the iceberg,as they say. If the Liberals tried this in Guelph, you can be damned sure similar dirty tricks were tried elsewhere.

    This is what the Liberals claimed when the whole “robocalls” BS broke,so we have to assume,using their own logic,that the Liberals carried on their nefarious tactics Canada-wide.

    This may have been part of a concerted effort to steal the reins of power from the legitimately elected government and rule illegally in a Liberal dictatorship!!! Overblown rhetoric? Yes, just like the Liberals have used since day one of this faux scandal.

    Change those words to “Conservative” from “Liberal”
    ,and you have what the Liberals claimed the Conservatives were trying.

    Alinsky’s rule,”always accuse the enemy of doing what YOU are doing”, sure rings true in this case.

  3. Elections Canada’s reply to Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s complaint on Liberal Valeriote’s robocall « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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  4. Liz J Says:

    This one can’t be ignored by EC, a thorough investigation is in order, and should be demanded by the party. The bellicose Valeriote can’t shuck this one off by pleading ignorance.

    As per business as usual with the freaking media party, the silence is deafening on the failed robocall gotcha attempt, it was a big headliner when the Conservatives were being accused, now, dead silence.

    IMO Valeriote should resign.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ask yourself why the Conservative Party isn’t trying to make this a big media issue

      • Anonymous Says:

        why whats the point they know the media is on the liberals side they just want to concentrate on governing which is what they are doing.

      • Liz J Says:

        The media party/msm have tossed it into the abyss like it didn’t happen, good luck trying to get them to take it up. Our only hope might bee Sun News, the rest will merely say he paid his “fine”, all the lies and innuendo about Conservatives doing “robocalls” across the country, forget about it…..on to the next dumpster dive in search of more faux scandals against Conservatives, the only game they know.

        Playing around interfering with the electoral process in a democracy should be considered a serious matter that would warrant investigation or risk going down to the level of tin pot regimes. In that regard the government should have some more to say on the matter.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Then let’s all push Sun to write and report on this! So far, they have acted like this entire situation doesn’t exist. Even when stories emerged of Elections Canada investigators fabricating quotes to smear the Conservatives, Sun acted like it never happened. Why? Is Sun part of the “media party” even though they claim to deliver straight talk?

        • BC Blue Says:

          You’re missing the real reason why Sun News isn’t pushing this

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  6. paulsstuff Says:

    “You’re missing the real reason why Sun News isn’t pushing this”

    Which is?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Who initially reported Sona as the person wrongly accused and who wrongly gave up Sona’s name, throwing him under the bus?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Brian Lilley said it was a “senior source at Conservative HQ,” so either Sun was lying about that source or someone at HQ is getting very nervous right about now and is probably going to be included in that lawsuit against the EC investigator who has admitted to fabricating the quote against Sona.

        I’m sure it’s just a crazy coincidence that Jenni Byrne came out with an official statement 30 seconds after that “anonymous source” spoke to Brian Lilley.

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