BC Conservative leader’s daughter personally attacks father’s critic

There’s a steadfast rule against using family to go after a politician but that also means it is off-side for their family to use this privileged protection as a platform to do the same.

This is an email sent from John Cummins’ daughter Carolyn to the BC Conservative’s vice president Ben Besler:

Sep 6 (3 days ago)

It has been an honor to view your humble opinion regarded the membership votes. I must say your tone sure has changed since I sat with you at the christmas party last year.
A year ago you came across as young, inexperienced, and incompetent. I now know my theory to be accurate.

I vote YES to you getting the boot from your position. You speak of respect, now respect your fellow conservative members loyalty to their party. Your “valued” opinion (although entitled) is meaningless and frankly unwarranted, now wanted. You do not speak for all. You speak for yourself and for the even more idiotic john Crocock.

Further please refrain from making such rash comments online. You sound like an imbecile. And make a fool of yourself.

Carolyn Cummins

It’s completely inappropriate and viciously low for Cummins’ immediate family to personally assault BC Conservative members using words like “imbecile” especially one who is “the activist parent of an autistic child in the public school system” (see here)

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Conservative candidate Burke’s reply to Elections Canada’s response on compliant about Liberal Valeriote robocalls

This is the last of the correspondence that I have between Marty Burke and Elections Canada:


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