Election Canada’s 2nd response to Conservative candidate’s complaint over Liberal Valeriote’s robocalls

Here is what I’m guessing to be the last of the correspondence between Conservative candidate Marty Burke and Elections Canada


Elections Canada will not be sanctioning Liberal MP Frank Valeriote for his robocalls deemed illegal by CRTC because they say they do not regulate the content of election advertising. This apparently means you may misrepresent yourself in any way without any fear of recourse.

Also: See Burke’s previous letter in this earlier post here


5 Responses to “Election Canada’s 2nd response to Conservative candidate’s complaint over Liberal Valeriote’s robocalls”

  1. Bec Says:

    So why did they start the investigation re Pierre Poutine? Is it not basically the exact same thing?
    This letter suggests to me that the entire EC ‘robocall’ thing has been a waste of money and time…..they have no mandate…………….unless of course one considers the purpose to be those convenient leaks, year-long character assasinations against Conservatives etc..

  2. Guffman Says:

    So lying and cheating to win more votes is A-OK with Elections Canada? Oh yes, that’s right… only if it’s not a Conservative doing it. What a sickening and corrupt organization.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Just another headbanger from EC. So is it only illegal if they say so depending on who does it? Did they step in to clarify matters to help Conservatives when the Opps and their media rage on accusing them of making robocalls?
    Appears they’re applying different strokes for different folks, when it comes to looking for answers or fairness the word hopeless comes to mind. Are they playing politics or something else? Who is to gain?

    Investigate, investigate, investigate.

  4. Rich Says:

    So according to Elections Canada electronic robocalls is not illegal in Guelph: Using that logic, Why did EC send one of their Investigators a Mr. Matthews to Racknine in Edmonton and demand the Conservative calling list and then leak this info to the Opposition parties through the media? Why are the investigating which Conservatives disguised himself as Pierre Poutine?

    It seems that EC needs a complete housing cleaning, these fools are the ones that represent Canada overseas in monitoring elections; (Afghanistan & Ukraine)

    • Fay Says:

      Agree, Elections Canada has lost all credibility. I used to hope that someone working in Elections Canada would speak up to tell the truth and restore their credibility? it must be a horrible place to work if you are non partison.
      Thank goodness for the internet and the truth!

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