NDP MP panders to Muslim voters on September 11

NDP MP Mathew Kellway has posted a ‘gem’ on his Facebook page which includes proudly stating:

I showed a film last night at the Fox Theatre here in the Beach – deliberately, on the eve of this day.  It’s a film about the stigmatization and marginalization of the Muslim Community in Canada and, yes, the Muslim Community in this Riding.  It was written, directed and produced and features members of our community talking about the challenges they face in this post 9/11 era. (see here)

Nothing like trying to make Islamism the victim on the anniversary of 9-11.



15 Responses to “NDP MP panders to Muslim voters on September 11”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Not a shocker coming from the NDP.

  2. ohboy Says:

    Poor mr kellway is as confused as he looks.Just another useful idiot progressive questioning his own existence thru relativism and apparent self loathing.
    Mathew…get down off your perch… vacate your seat and move over there so you can revel in it first hand.
    The replies on your facebook page speak volumes.

  3. WTF Says:

    Just another brick in the wall….sigh

  4. WTF Says:

    Omar Khadr will be an NDP candidate if he is let back into Canada. You heard it here first folks!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    kellway….ndp…enough said.

  6. RJ65 Says:

    I am still waiting for thousands of Muslims to march in our cities to sound off against the militants and extremists. I fear that I will die of old age before that happens.

  7. Liz J Says:

    This is classic NDP. We better pray hard the NDP never get power in this country.

  8. dmorris Says:

    The very first comment at his site from Tarek Fatah,”Shame on you for pandering to Islamism, the misogynist, homophobic jihadi supremacist movement that seeks to destroy gender equality, same-sex rights, secularism and man-made laws of liberal democracy that you purport to support.”

    The rest aren’t as eloquent, but the message is the same, “useful idiot”!

    God,some people are stupid.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is worthy of national news, but of course it will be ignored outside of blogs. It is much more important for Canadians to know that what kind of car Mayor Ford buys or the insignificant and usually false stories about our PM.

  10. Alain Says:

    This should be front page news and covered on television and radio news, since it is something Canadians should know and it has serious consequences for the country. Of course outside of blogs it will be ignored, with the MSM preferring to report what kind of toilet paper, horror of horrors – not green enough, our PM uses or what kind of car Mayor Ford drives.

    • jon Says:

      I’m actually glad the MSM doesn’t report it. The more they continue to project that they’re in the business of selective news reporting (hiding news from Canadians), and the more alternative media, blogs, citizen journalists and social media in general, their credibility will continue to be chipped away. My fear is that they wake up one day soon, see the damage their causing to themselves — and the viability of their very industry — and make changes. I don’t want that to happen.

      I much prefer the path of complete self-destruction they’re are on. A century from now (about 90 years post their demise), their fossilized remains will be studied by journalism students, asking the question, “Did they really think they’d get away with it? Did they really think they could survive?”

      On your last point, about the MSM preferring to report negative stories on conservatives… I watched both Global National News and CTV National News. Neither filed a report on PMSH’s “world statesmen of the year” award. It’s that kind of omission that is going to lead to their ultimate demise as they project to Canadians that they’re in the business of hiding stories from them.. worse, attempting to shape how we vote at the ballot box.

  11. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    I noticed the (Montreal) Gazette had an article on Sept. 11 about the increasing violence against (wait for it) Muslims since Sept.11. Sigh….Maybe that should read Muslims against Muslims.

  12. Dirt Says:

    Notice he doesn’t mention the challenges the children orphaned by 911, the children that will never meet their dads, or the wives left widowed or the men dying from 911 related illness. Jesus it makes me sick to watch the official Muslims get victim status when in fact they’re not victims they’re silent witnesses to Islams war on democracy globally.

  13. Roy Elslsworth Says:

    don’t worry about that with our pm racking up the great awards he is doing fine remember hecreated 39400 jobs last month.

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