Iran’s Canadian-media apologists sure quiet now after US embassy attacks

Love to hear from those who were yapping about PM Stephen Harper pulling diplomats out of Iran, expand on their Middle East ‘expertise’ after two US embassies were over-run and 4 brave American officials were murdered.

Maybe the Globe and Mail will at least re-print the Doug Sanders op-ed “By cutting ties with Iran, we just shot ourself in the foot” or the Star will give Tony Burman more space to spew his anti-Jew rhetoric (see here)?

At least the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge will interview another Iranian mouth-piece who can lecture Canada about being “unwise, uncivilized and hostile”  again right?

Can’t wait.



13 Responses to “Iran’s Canadian-media apologists sure quiet now after US embassy attacks”

  1. robins111 Says:

    Now that its becoming evident that the Libyan attack was planned, one wonders how they can continue the religion of peace meme?

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Very timely post. Yes, the nay sayers are keeping their pie-holes shut aren’t they.
    One more example of wise leadership getting our people out of harms way.
    Peter Mandsbridge, Doug Saunders and the rest should realize just how ill informed and out of touch in their little safe media bubble they are.
    Once again Leadership demonstrated by PM Harper and the Conservative Majority.

  3. RJ65 Says:

    We may find in the coming months that Iran will not be the only country in that region that we withdraw diplomatic ties with. If Israel hits Iran, which seems likely if Obama gets re-elected. Expect western Embassy attacks all through the region. Canada is now regarded as Israel’s strongest ally in the world (Jerusalem Post this weekend), it is safe to assume that our maple leaf will be a prime target should hostilities commence.

  4. Ed Says:

    I don’t think they’ll be quiet for long. You simply can’t embarrass idiots. They’ll soon be back on the theme of “negotiating with the Taliban.” and other terrorists.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Here is an informative article on Russia/Iran relationships. The Cold War is being fought again by Russia,this time much more stealthily. If the West is unfortunate, President Obama will be re-elected in November and we can expect more unrest in the ME, none of it good for us.

    Stephen Harper sent a clear message to Iran,and in light of Libya/Egypt, it speaks loudly of his intelligence in so doing. We just declared our alliance with Israel,and that will not make Canadians very popular in the ME. I hope most of the oil industry people are paying attention,maybe it’s time to bring their people home.

  6. Jen Says:

    CBC is has gotten themselves in very hot soup of no where or no way of getting out no matter how many times they spin spin the conservatives and canada all for the pleasure of those who do want to do harm to innocent people.
    Peter Mansbridge and the others are the BIGGEST ASSES not to realize that they are being used by certain groups.

  7. Bill Brasky Says:

    After watching “The National” a few nights back it occurred to me that Iran doesn’t really need an embassy here in Canada when they have the CBC……

    • Jen Says:

      Furthermore, CBC is NOT fooling anyone especially those who have no use for Canada since they know that CBC has no use for Canada either.
      CBC is doing everything they can to bring down the CPC even if it is to drag Canada’s name down the tube… all for the sake of two parties (ndp and Lib) or anyone else other than the CPC.
      I am positive that Fidel would love to have CBC they are well- trained already to his liking. He already has Wicary under his rule and thumb.

  8. Garfield Says:

    And now the US embassy in Yemen has been attacked.
    Is there ever a day when Muslims are not “offended” about something?

  9. Joshua Says:

    The prime minister looks brilliant in light of recent events.Thats tells me hes not only keeping focused on the economy, but hes able to balance foreign policy, and CSIS intelligence as well.Good.I can concentrate on domestic issues while the feds stay vigilante against our enemies.

  10. Martin Says:

    As if on cue, CBC trotted out 3 former diplomats to decry the decision. Which begs the question, are there any retired diplomats who support the current government, or can gracefully let their sucessors carry on without second guessing them? I suspect there are, just that they do not enjoy access to CBC. Times have moved on since the “honest broker” days and the golden years of Lloyd Axworthy, but these people just can’t accept it.

  11. Liz J Says:

    We may need to worry about the NDP, I for one do not trust their leader. He may be onside with the government on the Iran issue but not all his MP’s appear to be, unless he’s had a chat with them in the last 48 hours. It will be interesting to see how he bobs and weaves to keep his NDPQ MP’s happy.

  12. David Weum Says:

    Daily, I view and read Toronto and Ottawa media and politicians, take nonsensical stands on almost every topic foreign and domestic, and always against the Harper government’s good work. Their are obvious exceptions not affiliated with this media and political class, namely Sun Media,.which successfully argues with their nonsense.And the cabal of the aforementioned, wacky left wing cannot argue with the common sense of thoughtful commentary. The Toronto Star has a journalist who argues that Harper is an accessory to the nut’s crime in his killing spree in Colorado! And she wrote other equally ridiculous columns. She is still employed as a sacred cow as far as I know.

    Some egghead journalists criticized Harper’s decision to remove our people from Iran and kicked out the Iranian “diplomats” from Ottawa. Scandal!. Then the murders of U.S. diplomats in Libya. That shut up the liberal media and their ilk for the time being. I like Peter Mansbridge personally but, he has enough time in to make a difference in the CBC and their fellow travelers’ ridiculous PC and ultra-left nonsense.Yet, never a peep from him to change things. And we pay through the nose for Toronto’s media and foolish ideas.

    Well, I am too angry to continue so I will close this message.

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