Unconfirmed: BC Conservative leader Cummins will resign

One of my BC Conservative sources has told me that after holding a private meeting with Randy White, Will McMartin, Brian Peckford and Wayne McGrath to discuss the fall-out over his leadership, John Cummins will quit next Saturday.

Apparently the items discussed were Cummins comparing himself to Jesus Christ (see here), his daughter’s vicious email (see here) and the mockery given from the media over the very lame Friends of John Cummins campaign (see here) and I guess they’ve decided Cummins is too damaged to recover.

I’m sceptical but this source has been pretty bang-on thus far so that lends a lot of credibility to it.

Stay tuned.

Update: Slightly off topic but I have just learned that the salary of Cummins and his personal hiring of two others are eating up the party’s total monthly revenue. This should be confirmed at the AGM when financials are disclosed to the members.

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