BC Conservative leader Cummins bashes his only MLA in the media

In a jaw-dropping interview with Canadian Press, BC Conservative leader John Cummins shows just how clueless, vindictive, untruthful and gaffe-prone he is.

On the PR disaster “Friends of John Cummins”:

“It’s a spontaneous group of people” 

In a scathing column on this lame attempt of showing party ‘support’, the Times Colonist’s Les Leyne exposed this lie by Cummins:

The group [Friends of John Cummins] apparently didn’t exist until Monday morning. And when colleague Rob Shaw called the gent listed as the contact for the group, he cheerfully volunteered that he was only asked the night previously to handle communications for the group.

Who asked him?

Well, that would be John Cummins. It takes a bit away from the spontaneity of the enterprise, when you have to help organize your own fan club.

Friends don’t let friends form their own friends groups. (see here)

And to take a swipe at your only MLA John von Dongen through the media is insane:

“It’s unfortunate he’s not been all that supportive at this point,” said Cummins.

“What more can I say? He seems to have a bit of a problem with the leadership here at the Conservative Party, but then again he had problems with the leadership in the Liberal Party.” (see here)

Another stunning public admission from Cummins of having zero leadership skills.

Also: Politics 101 – it’s not considered very smart to include a story in a membership newsletter that states your leader only has half of the party’s organizers support (see here)


Rob Ford fat jokes alive and well at Macleans

Tell me that Macleans would run a mock-picture of an overweight female politician such as the Green Party’s Elizabeth May like they did with Toronto mayor Rob Ford. (see here)

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