BC Conservative leader Cummins bashes his only MLA in the media

In a jaw-dropping interview with Canadian Press, BC Conservative leader John Cummins shows just how clueless, vindictive, untruthful and gaffe-prone he is.

On the PR disaster “Friends of John Cummins”:

“It’s a spontaneous group of people” 

In a scathing column on this lame attempt of showing party ‘support’, the Times Colonist’s Les Leyne exposed this lie by Cummins:

The group [Friends of John Cummins] apparently didn’t exist until Monday morning. And when colleague Rob Shaw called the gent listed as the contact for the group, he cheerfully volunteered that he was only asked the night previously to handle communications for the group.

Who asked him?

Well, that would be John Cummins. It takes a bit away from the spontaneity of the enterprise, when you have to help organize your own fan club.

Friends don’t let friends form their own friends groups. (see here)

And to take a swipe at your only MLA John von Dongen through the media is insane:

“It’s unfortunate he’s not been all that supportive at this point,” said Cummins.

“What more can I say? He seems to have a bit of a problem with the leadership here at the Conservative Party, but then again he had problems with the leadership in the Liberal Party.” (see here)

Another stunning public admission from Cummins of having zero leadership skills.

Also: Politics 101 – it’s not considered very smart to include a story in a membership newsletter that states your leader only has half of the party’s organizers support (see here)


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Too bad for Mr Cummins, he’s leaving politics on a very low note, many might consider him by his utterances and maneuverings to be a person of little class. It’s rather surprising but politics doesn’t always bring out the best in people, sometimes it’s more jealous ambition than consideration of party or other members.

  2. Jen Says:

    O/T, Mulclair whose party is accused of taking illegal union donations which we all know came from the workers’ dues without their knowledge has called the PM of ‘A BOLD FACE LIE’

    Mileskwi or Milly the coward sat there while liar face Tomas lies to his face.

    Just in case you have forgotten: On video

    Mulcair issues two budget messages: one to Quebecers, one to Canadians

    Joan Bryden, Friday, March 30, 2012 7:51 PM


    Without the usless media the ndp nor the libs would be anywhere. No intelligent reporter would stand there and allow those two parties to walk all over them with make up answers that has no relevance to their questions.

    Mileswski would sooner acknowledge AHMADINEJAD than he would PM Harper.

    I think Mileskwi is in favour of redistribution of wealth which includes his. You see, the NDP have the unions big shots as well as themselves to live off from. All the useless media will end up paying /giving half their salary to the NDP. because, real businesses would not be around here to do so ||(redistribute).

  3. Nicholas Gunn Says:

    BC Blue who do you think will challenge John Cummins for the Leadership? Any big names?

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