Did Canadian Coast Guard employees help union bosses break the law?

Starting late afternoon Friday, a 24 hour ‘sit-in’ was held at the Vancouver Coast Guard station by a dozen “union leaders” in protest of the proposed closure (see here).

I smelled a rat right away wondering how it was possible for these middle-aged over-weight union bosses to get inside a supposed manned and secured facility.

It didn’t take long to prove-out my strong my suspicions as NDP and union insider Bill Tieleman (see bio here) let the cat out of the bag by immediately tweeting pictures of this staged event and how quickly the media responded and made their appearances.

Check out this picture of the media talking to the union bosses:

So, how did the union bosses get behind the security fence? Easy, they pulled up in a boat and walked up the dock:

Jeesh, you’d think that the media would have done the same instead of pretending to be locked out. It’s not like they didn’t know about the dock as this picture taken for a Province story the week earlier shows:

Not only were the BC media complicit in hiding how simple it was to gain entry, no one was asking where the Coast Guard staff were. These personnel are highly trained in national security so how is it possible for these protesters get past them?

Tell me they didn’t help coordinate it all:

The Vancouver Police did nothing of course (“we are monitoring the situation”) but will there be a ministry investigation into this?

Think about all the sensitive information and facilities these public employees have access to and who they are likely to pass it along in hopes of embarrassing the Conservative government.


Update: Bill Tieleman confirmed his official involvement

Dean – I am a consultant for the Coast Guard union – my name is on their news releases


9 Responses to “Did Canadian Coast Guard employees help union bosses break the law?”

  1. to the point Says:

    The end will justify the means and do not be fooled the end will save lives .Shame on Harper tell me again just how much the G20 meeting cost us?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Breaking the law and media manipulation is never justification. What a stupid thing to say.

      • to the point Says:

        I guess that if you were to see someone beating a child you would not trespass on private property to save that child . ( THAT WOULD BE BREAKING THE LAW) Give your head a shake and leave party lines out of this. If you are against the closure then do something about it.

    • Ed Says:

      To jerks like you the end always justifies the means. That’s why you lie so much.

  2. dmorris Says:

    I wonder if the closure of this station is going to be the terrible disaster the “anti’s” claim it will be. When coastal lighthouses were de-staffed in favour of automated systems,the toll in deaths ,drownings,and shipwrecks was going to be second only to the disaster of global warming!

    But after all was done.not a word about the alleged outcome from our Press, no mass drownings or shipwrecks,at least none that were reported by the sensationalist MSM.

    Is the problem more that an NDP constituency, unionized workers are being laid off?

    In the world of the Left,the sky is always falling,the world is always ending,after a while it just gets tiresome.

    • BC Blue Says:

      From what I know so far, I’m on the ‘supporting not closing’ side of the argument but tell me the union bosses and NDP would care as much if it wasn’t union jobs being possibly lost

  3. Jen Says:

    The NDP and the ‘big union bosses are not worried about whether the little guy has a job or not just as long they (union and NDP) get their dues from the little workers.

    The NDP took over 344,000 thousand dollars in illegal donations from the union which we all know came from the little guy’s dues.

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