BC Conservative leader John Cummins – delusional and a liar

I was trying to decide which was worse but maybe one can’t separate lying and self-delusions as they go hand-in-hand with people such as BC Conservative leader John Cummins.

It’s hard to know where to begin and list everything that made up what was a complete disaster for the BC Conservatives at their AGM over the weekend so I’ll just touch on a few gems.

First, the delusions:

1) After receiving an embarrassingly low 71% no-vote on “Are you in favour of a leadership contest?”, Cummins had this to say when asked by the media if this was a referendum on himself:

No. My name wasn’t on the ballot. The vote was about process.

2) Asked if he had learned anything from what his critics were saying:

I’ve looked at the emails and if you can make head or tails of the substance of the complaints then please advise. I’m not going to waste my time trying to do so.

3) On his only MLA John van Dongen immediately quitting after leadership vote:

I’m not going to be distracted by minor issues and I would describe Mr. van Dongen’s leave-taking as a minor issue. (see here)

Second, the lies:

1) Cummins is asked about these “dissidents” within the party and that they are complaining about him due to their loss of influence

There’s a certain amount of truth to that. The party had 250 members and they were significant players. (see here)

This is a flat-out lie. Among my many roles, I was the BC Con Membership Chair prior to Cummins being elected as leader and had reviewed the historical membership records and cleaned up the current list. This figure of 250 that he quotes is not even remotely close to where the membership was.

2) On being asked about his $4,000 per month salary being drawn especially in light of the party running a fiscal deficit:

I don’t know offhand. (see here)

Cummins is either a stunningly bad liar or a leader so obtuse that he doesn’t care to read the party’s finances that had been already tabled and stupid enough to say so in front of the BC media. Take your pick which one he is.

And if you think Cummins has surrounded himself with anyone but a nodding Disciples, check out this from the outgoing party president Reed Elley:

It’s been quite a day, I think it’s been a good day for us (see here)

Please, please pray for us conservatives here in BC.

* Photo courtesy Bob Mackin


14 Responses to “BC Conservative leader John Cummins – delusional and a liar”

  1. Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

    Ok Dean you’ve shot your wad. You have done all you can to disrupt the BC Conservatives in the eyes of the public. Now you can refrain from any more bashing of Cummins, the exec or the party in general being as your antagonistic remarks did not fulfill the wishes you portrayed in the many columns you wrote.
    We all know how much you were against Cummins as a leader but that is now totally in the past. Not everyone can win and for the good of the BC Conservatives, it is best you not slam them with any more hostile writings. Get behind the party for the upcoming election.
    If you persist in knocking the pins out from under the BC Conservatives, I will assume that you are definitely a great supporter of the NDP and wish them to become the next governing body in BC. Fine, if that’s how you feel, I don’t have any more need to read your material further and a simple mouse click will eliminate you from my computer until after the election. Click, it is deleted thankfully unread.
    We all know the Liberals, under Crusty Cristy are finished. Without her they may survive but surely she is an anchor around their neck. The only hope is the BC Conservatives having a good show.
    In the past I have admired your work as to writing good for the Conservatives on all fronts. But when you started your spiel against the BC Conservatives, I am now doubtful of your loyalty. It matters little to me how you feel about Cummins and the elected officials, but I don’t want the NDP in control as before.
    It’s time for you to get behind the BC Conservatives and support them.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    So no automatic Leadership review.
    As a Conservative I am disappointed I think it would have brought more people in.
    But then the powers that be did not want you as a member, is that right Dean?
    Not following your constitution is all I need to know about who I will support in the coming election.
    I like others have sat back and not supported financially, to see what this Party was all about.
    I am glad I did not contribute to the elect Cummings at any price, no matter what rules we need to bend. JMO
    Bubba Brown

    • BC Blue Says:

      This is further proof Cummins wants no one around him who will do anything but his selfish bidding. Yes-people only and any others will be removed or publicly smeared.

  3. Alain Says:

    After the comment from Norman I would like to add a different one. I knew nothing of Cummins prior to him becoming leader nor had I any vested interest or knowledge of what transpired in the past between Cummins and his supporters and those opposed to him. I base my judgement on the performance of Cummins as leader and that is where I find him lacking. To have kept him on as leader in spite of everything ensures the impossibility of winning an election, and I find this extremely disappointing. It basically ensure a win for the NDP which will be disastrous.

    By the way accepting a $4,000 monthly salary at this time does not demonstrate loyalty to the party but shows total self-interest.

  4. dmorris Says:

    Whatever the case, if Dean joins the NDP,Greens,or Liberal Party,or invents his own Party, the BCCP are almost a joke in the eyes of the voters right now.

    Optics are everything,and,as a former Reformer,Socred,and current Federal Conservative, I have seen little to convince me that the BCCP will be anything more than a minor annoyance to either of the other two Parties come election day.

    The BCCP is FULL of old-timers, White,Stinson, Cummins,all of whom I liked when they were Reform MP’s, but those names simply DO NOT resonate with the voting public today. Might as well re-elect Scott Wallace as BCCP leader.

    There’s no sense getting our knickers in a knot over real criticisms of the BCCP,as featured here,and at Tsakumis blog, they are entitled to their opinions. They merely reflect the reality of the situation,and that is NOT very good for maintaining the status quo in the Party.

    I had high hopes when Cummins was elected Leader, but after his time in the position,and his constant gaffes and miscues, I will be surprised if the BCCP elects any MLA’s next May.

  5. Sue Says:

    I am newish on this BC Conservatives thing but John Cummins is taking the party absolutely nowhere now. He should take his outsized ego and vacate while there might be some semblance of possibilities. Vote splits and a full on Dipper government next May. For Norman to blame BC Blue is simply beyond the pale.

  6. LAS Says:

    Any prayers sent to the BCCP are prayers wasted. We’ll be lucky if they get so much as 1 MLA. They just decided to be a non-player.

  7. Trish Proulx Says:

    I totally agree Sue! If Cummins and the exec are so casual in not abiding by their own constitution and bylaws, what is the next thing they will throw under the bus. What will the next excuse be to not be reviewed, if they financially survive that long.

  8. brad maynard Says:

    “Please, please pray for us conservatives here in BC.”
    i think God himself has abandoned you guys out there. its the only way to explain what a mess the BCPC party is in.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    so what’s the safe responce to the media on those questions that won’t be spun in this province? A media with it’s own agenda that would rather give personal opinion than simply report the facts and allow the public to form their own… A media who wants an NDP party in power

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