Conservative ‘Trojan Horse’ and Christy Clark Chief of Staff sudden and stunning resignation

A very shocking development has just occurred inside Liberal premier Christy Clark’s office as her Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool has submitted his resignation:

“I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately” after being involved in a “regrettable incident” in which he “let his family down.”

More to come…

Update: From Global BC’s Twitter feed: Premier’s chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool has resigned, following News Hour investigation into alleged altercation at Victoria bar

Update: Boessenkool’s letter of resignation


Earlier this month I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately. I was wrong, regretted my behaviour very much and immediately and unconditionally apologized.

Notwithstanding my genuine apology and sense of regret, and following my meeting with you earlier today I tender my letter of resignation as your Chief of Staff effective immediately.

This will give me a chance to return to Calgary to be with my family – who I have also let down – and from whom I have been separated on a weekly basis for most of the last eight months.

I have been very proud to be at your side and proud of what I helped the team accomplish. Nothing should stand in the way of your successful leadership and the accomplishments of your government in creating jobs and making family life affordable.

I wish you the very best.


Ken Boessenkool

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5 Responses to “Conservative ‘Trojan Horse’ and Christy Clark Chief of Staff sudden and stunning resignation”

  1. RJ65 Says:

    I guess Red Ali will have a job for him soon enough.

  2. David Weum Says:

    Yet another one, and the Chief of Staff at that! The Libs may as well throw in the towel.Well, they should have a long time ago. Christie,with the great and sunny disposition, it appeared from afar, here in God’s Country,,,… must now go.Dang! Now we in Alberta need to deal with the fanatics of the NDP. Our economic future may depend on their whims unless The Right Honorable Steve Harper can pull a rabbit out of the hat.Is there an Eminent Domain clause in our Immaculate Constitution? The Libs were bad enough but, were willing to haggle at least.But, the NDP. Yikes!

  3. brad maynard Says:

    my god, politics in BC is just berserk these days. and here i thought ontario was the center of the universe when it came to overall general weirdness. you guys certainly have your nutjobs, both in the libs and pc backrooms.

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