BC journo admits he and other reporters attended disgraced Liberal Ken Boessenkool golf tourney

The fall-out is really just starting after Christy Clark’s Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool’s resignation yesterday (see here) as Clark’s story is falling apart and the tight relationship between the Liberals and their media lap dogs gets more exposure.

Clark’s time-line and answers on why it took 2 weeks for her to fire Boessenkool are now being openly shredded (see here). It was obvious she was lying yesterday and only a matter of time for her story to fall apart.

The other bombshell yet to fully go off is potentially the media’s involvement in  covering up this ‘incident’.

It is well known that many of the BC journo big-wigs are regular Liberal 4-some members so I started asking around how many were in attendance at this golf tourney and logically, how many were at the bar afterwards and at least one is coming ‘clean’.

The Times Colonist’s Les Leyne discloses that this tournament was a regular stop on the BC Media Tour and that he himself was in Boessenkool’s group drinking beers but says he went straight home after:

Just So You Know: Full disclosure: With various other reporters, I paid the entry fee and played in the golf event at Metchosin Golf Club. It’s been a fixture on the political calendar for years. Boessenkool was in my group and we played an unremarkable round – which included a few beers – then I went home after dinner. (see here)

Will all other BC media members who were at Boessenkool’s golf tourney be now stepping forward?

Were there any of these same BC media in that Victoria bar hanging out with Boessenkool when the ‘incident’ happened?

Love to hear from the BC media organizations on how having their Victoria correspondents drinking beers on golf courses with Liberal insiders does anything but taint them and put them in a conflict of interest.

Update: Apparently a segment on Sun News airing at noon today will shed some more light on this scandal

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