Globe’s executive editor calls allowing columnist to sell her house in newspaper feature “unintentional oversight”

The stunning revelation that Globe and Mail columnist Leah McLaren was allowed to put her own house in their prestigious Home of the Week in an effort to sell (see here), has forced the Globe to address this massive conflict of interest all be it, lamely:

From: Siu, Kevin
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 10:56 AM
Subject: Note on conflict of interest

A number of people have asked this week about an article that appeared in Friday’s Real Estate section, in which one of our columnists wrote about her own property for sale. It was an unintentional oversight on our part, but to clarify, it is not Globe editorial policy to allow people to write about things that could result in their own commercial gain.

Sylvia will be posting a note to readers clarifying this on the site.


I won’t even try to get into how Siu can possibly call this an “unintentional oversight” and go straight to how McLaren and everyone else involved still have their jobs.

Also: McLaren’s mother Cecily Ross (who was an editor at the Globe) had also previously written an article when she was selling her own house (see here)

Update: Globe in-house mouth organ Sylvia Stead states the obvious (see here). Notice she calls McLaren “freelance columnist”


4 Responses to “Globe’s executive editor calls allowing columnist to sell her house in newspaper feature “unintentional oversight””

  1. Ed Says:

    The dishonest media stars strike again.

  2. Jen Says:

    It is all in the family Dean. I help you and you help me sort of thing goes on there besides, there is no no ethics in the media anymore.

  3. old white guy Says:

    i am not sure there really should be a problem with this.

  4. jon Says:

    An equally important question is why other members of the Media Party aren’t giving this story much play, instead choosing to circle the wagons around one of their own — yet again. Not a major story by any means, but something that at least their broadcast wing can’t even find time to slot in, somewhere near the end of their newscasts, where less important stories — though still of some interest — are placed. As usual, it’s in the blogosphere where their lack of ethics is exposed.

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