Racism, age and gender discrimination allowed in media as long as it’s about being white and male

My favorite game to play when I see headlines such as this one from the Huffington Post “Motion 312: If You’re An Old White Guy, I Don’t Want to Hear” is to reverse the gender and race and ask if  it would then be deemed ok for publishing.

We all know the answer that if this column was not about old white males, it would never have seen the light of day and the writer would not be welcome to submit anything in the future but since it bashes the right sect, no problem.

Not only does the author Supriya Dwivedi use the term “old white men” 5 times and “old white guy” twice to make it such an extremely racist and ageist column, it is also about the most illogical piece of tripe I’ve ever read.

By using her thinking, no one may have an opinion on any issue unless it directly relates to them and as an example, a MP may only vote on pension legislation if  they are of retiree age.

What a silly young, brown girl.



4 Responses to “Racism, age and gender discrimination allowed in media as long as it’s about being white and male”

  1. Guffman Says:

    You’ve summed it up nicely, a “silly young, brown girl”.
    Such a stink made in the press over this vote that didn’t even come close to being carried. So much made over a “deep split” in the Conservative caucus. Two different opinions on a matter of conscience… so what? And the Liberals who voted FOR Woodsworth’s motion as well?… barely worth a mention, and certainly nothing about a ‘deep split’.
    I think that it was good that this motion was voted on freely by all parties and I’m happy with the way it turned out. Woodsworth was free to forward this motion and now he should leave it alone. I am encouraged to see the overwhelming numbers of people who do not want to pursue this debate any further. There will never be consensus on it, so let it rest – politically at least.

  2. Jen Says:

    The NDP were whipped ‘not’ to vote with their conscience; if they had, most likely the ‘discussion when life beings’ would be at the committee.
    Mulclair’s iron fist on his mps spoke loudly than the pin dropping onto the floor.

  3. old white guy Says:

    as an old white guy i have to say there is no shortage of stupid among those who are not old and white.

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