List of Canadian politicians and journos who are expressing their Khadr-love

I’ve been trying to put my thoughts together on the decision by PM Stephen Harper to allow the murderous Omar Khadr back into Canada and so far have come up with this:

– Khadr being accepted back into Canada is a good lesson for Conservative partisans – don’t ever be blindly led down the garden path

– One thing is now known for sure – Vic Toews will not be running for re-election

– What is making me the most angry, is Toews and Harper playing us for fools in that they fully intended Khadr to come back all along

– Harper dropped this on us without explaining what his reasoning was

– As angry as I am with Harper right now, I think about the current NDP and Liberals being in power

So until I get my head fully wrapped around it all and after reading this sickening Star editorial (see here), I decided to compile a list of media members, politicians and other people with influence who are currently ecstatic about this terrorist being returned to Canada, starting with Liberal Bob Rae:

Omar Khadr’s return to Canada long overdue – Romeo Dallaire has done an amazing job on the issue of child soldiers, and deserves thanks

And would ask you to please send me any others you’ve seen for consideration.


14 Responses to “List of Canadian politicians and journos who are expressing their Khadr-love”

  1. Hurl worthy — Says:

    […] Dean is compiling a list of Canadian politicians and journos who are gushing with Khadr-love. Help him […]

  2. Alain Says:

    Not only is the Star editorial sicking and disgusting, it is full of lies. Like many others I am disgusted that this unrepentent terrorist is back. He should be tried for treason but instead will be getting pampered treatment in one of our prisons at tax payers’ expense. Knowing how our liberal system works he will soon be out on the streets to take up where he left off.

  3. john Says:

    SCOC “justice” – Beverley McLachlin, Toronto lawyer – John Norris. McLachlin may not be gushing for Khadr but she sure as hell worked hard to ensure that poor little, Omar got to stay at Club Fed where he will be freed soon.

    Yes, canadian lawyers, they aren’t scumbags oh noooooooooo.

  4. robins111 Says:

    Jabba the Hutt, Libby Davis,,..

  5. Liz J Says:

    It’s a shocker for sure. We can be prepared to be further shocked when the Canadian judiciary let the creep out to roam freely with the rest of his klan who are living comfortably in Toronto. No doubt we’ll all be contributing to his keep while he sues us for a few million. Maybe Romeo Dallaire would have some input on how to de-program a “child soldier”

  6. viccon Says:

    Aw come on, Harper and Toews didn’t really have any choice but to let the little bugger back into the country. At least they delayed it as long as possible and it was fun watching the left light their hair on fire about it.

    But now that he’s back in a Canadian prison (vs being paroled from a US one), we can at least attache some conditions on his eventual release.

  7. john Says:

    Canadian lefties (journalists, judges and lawyers) are repugnant. Their political goals of attacking the conservatives and Americans are so important to them that they will ally themselves with anyone, even a piece of garbage like Khadr.

  8. David R Says:

    One of the conditions of Khadr’s release I think would be that he would serve out the remainder of his term as though he were in Gitmo.

    He may also be subject to other charges under Canadian law including treason, committing an act of terrorism to violation of the Foreign Enlistment Act. Either way he won’t be out of jail for some time.

    • john Says:

      I doubt it. Canadians are and the spineless candy asses they elect are way too gutless to charge him with treason, terrorism or foriegn enlistment, otherwise they would have insisted this piece of crap be left to rot in Gitmo.

      If the weaklings we elect had any balls they would have told the Liberal biased SCOC to go to hell and done whatever was required to keep this scumbag out of Canada.

      Canadians have a real hate on for Americans and Khadr killed one of …”those bastards” (to coin a nice Canadian Liberal phrase).

  9. jon Says:

    Saw Craig Oliver on CTV News Channel yesterday, rambling on, seemingly in one of the stages of dementia and wondering why he never looks into the camera, referring to Khadr as a “kind and gentle soul, as those around him know him to be”…. though I don’t have the exact quote nor a link to segment. I was in too much of a state of shock by what he said to even finish watching the segment, only composing myself and suddenly remembering that I needed to head to the pharmacy as I had run out of gravol.

  10. jen Says:

    I will never forget the days hours when the opposition parties re -echoed by their beloved media the cbc ctv etc for the return of Omar Khadr. This chanting went on daily since 2006.
    When Mrs. Khadr made her commitment to Al Qaeda, Chretien nevertheless sent her passports and planes fares for her her youngest son in a wheel chair.
    Was she arrested for treason. No. For leaving canada with her husband imposing their children in the life of terrorism then to have the nerve to request to come back to Canada to live freely.

  11. Ottawa Press: Expressing love for murderer Khadr Ok, just don’t dare slight Messiah Layton « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] of the Canadian media agree when a MP states their happiness a terrorist is allowed back in Canada (see here) but if one slags Jack Layton, the outrage commences […]

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