Christy Clark caught covering up alleged sexual assault by her chief of staff

I only say it was an “alleged sexual assault” in that BC Liberal premier Christy Clark’s chief of staff Ken Boessenkool has admitted to and resigned after one Global reporter started sniffing out his “incident of concern” (see here) which occurred in a bar after a Liberal golf tourney drunk-fest attended by many BC journos (see here).

There’s little doubt what really happened and that Christy Clark knows full-well and has not only been caught lying, she has participated in hiding the official ‘investigation’ as exposed by the Vancouver Sun:

The answer was so all-embracing, Fowlie considered the possibility that he’d filed the request to the wrong agency. Perhaps the material was on file elsewhere in the hydra-headed government.

No again. When he put the question to the office of the premier, he was advised that the government wasn’t holding back anything. There were no records of this affair. The entire matter was handled “verbally,” from start to finish. (see here).

We now have proof BC has a woman premier who is willing to sacrifice a female staffer to protect a political hire. So proud…




CTV’s Fife report that minister “ran out back door” true?

I found the above tweet by CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife very interesting especially since it has been the only one issued by him in the last 3 days.

I’ve asked Fife to confirm the accuracy of Minister Vic Toews running out the back door and will update if I get an answer.


Macleans columnist uses disparaging slang about gay men

What are the odds that the LGBT human rights organization Egale or the NDP’s LGBT critic (whatever that is) Randall Garrison will be putting an official complaint against Macleans columnist Scott Feschuk for tweeting this:

If conditions are not safe on Wednesday for Trick or Treating, I will go out anyway and get all the candy, you nancies

nancy n. pl. nancies: Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate man, especially a homosexual man

Slim to none right?

Also: See earlier post where Feschuk got away with posting a “hookers vs escorts” blog which was quietly pulled down by Macleans here

Update: It’s been reported that 10 people have died so far due to the hurricane yet Feschuk is busy trying to be funny about the disaster on Twitter:

When Ali Velshi ultimately drowns, at least we’ll know for certain that he was a witch

Ali Velshi is a CNN reporter covering the storm.

Update: After having his remark pointed out to him by blogger Alberta Ardvark, Feschuk doubles down:

Really? I thought it just mean “sissy.” That’s how we used it in school

Wait, we can’t call people sissies now?

Sissy: A boy or man regarded as effeminate

John Cummins’ right hand man’s NDP connections questioned by riding president

I find it pretty ironic that the BC Conservative brainaics who surround their Messiah John Cummins were so quick to push the NDP-fed conspiracy (see here) that all the “dissidents” within are really Liberal plants when they themselves are being asked some hard questions where the true loyalties lie in Cummins’ inner circle:

From Robbie Armstrong President Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows CA:

Who is Will McMartin, and why is John Cummins so comfortable with him?

1)  When BC Conservative leader John Cummins hand-picked Will McMartin for BC Conservative Party Campaign Chair in July 2012, did Mr. Cummins know that Will McMartin was a friend of current NDP communications consultant, long-time fellow Tyee columnist, and NDP apologist Bill Tieleman?  
“My old friend and former colleague at the late and lamented CBC Radio Early Edition political panel of old – the irreplaceable Will McMartin – has inked another of his fine tomes for the good folks at The Tyee.” Bill Tieleman Web Page, October 13, 2008

If so, why not share this association with the BCCP membership? It is likely that most BCCP members are not regular readers of the Tyee, so here are some examples of Will McMartin’s “conservative” thoughts;  (see here and here)

 2)  The 1996 provincial election ended in the demise of the Social Credit Party.  Interestingly, Will McMartin ran the Social Credit campaign. During the election, it was common knowledge in media circles that Will McMartin shared accommodations with Bill Tieleman. What ideas and strategy are they sharing today?

3)  Did Mr. Cummins explain to BCCP members about Mr. McMartin’s very recent ties to the left leaning think tank Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives? And why did the BCCP commit to an alliance with the Left on the issue of BC Rail immediately after the AGM? (see here)

4)   Did Mr. Cummins disclose Mr. McMartin’s recent, close association to the BC Federation of Labour? Do BC Conservatives know that Mr. McMartin’s articles on the BC Teachers Labour situation are cited at length by a website of the Canadian Communist Party – Marxist Leninist?

“Quotes from a recent item on BC’s lost government revenue, “The Era of Tax Cut Stupidity that Starved BC” by Will McMartin published February 27 in The Tyee “details how the BC Liberals squandered a historic chance to strengthen this province.” McMartin has been a political consultant affiliated with the Conservative, Social Credit and BC Reform parties”. (see here)

5)   And what of Mr.Cummins own ties to the BC NDP?   In the 2009 BC Election, John Cummins proudly and very publicly voted for the BC NDP.  Why would Mr.Cummins vote for the Left when other options were available?  It is understandable, as a Conservative, that he didn’t want to support the BC Liberals, but why cast a vote for the NDP? Why not spoil a ballot instead?

Will McMartin’s describes himself as “a political consultant who has been affiliated with the Conservative, Social Credit and BC Reform parties”  but there is very little in Will McMartin’s body of work to indicate conservative ideology.

If John Cummins doesn’t know about Mr. McMartin’s previous political activities, why?  If he does know, why would he allow an active leftist into the party?  And, if he knows, why doesn’t he tell the members BC Conservative Party?


Citizen’s robocall super-sleuth gets very public beat-down for snarky comment about Con MP wearing a poppy

I do so love when an arrogant ‘investigative’ reporter exposes himself the way the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor did today over his attempt at bashing Conservative MP Ed Fast for wearing a poppy too soon.

There are many rules in place for displaying a poppy in commemorative of our fallen soldiers but he got caught not doing any research before reacting as pointed out to him by many on Twitter (see here). The back-tracking from McGregor is an awesome sight to behold.

The Legion started their annual poppy sale on the 24th.

Also: Check out Alberta Ardvark’s post on it here as he shows how McGregor reacted to being called out for his moronic tweet.

Also: Moose and Squirrel has posted some responses from McGregor as well here

Update: I guess McGregor doesn’t read his fellow Ottawa Citizen’s co-workers’ stuff (see here)

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