Ottawa Press: Expressing love for murderer Khadr Ok, just don’t dare slight Messiah Layton

It would be amusing if it wasn’t such a sickening truth that most of the Canadian media agree when a MP states their happiness a terrorist is allowed back in Canada (see here) but if one slags Jack Layton, the outrage commences immediately.

Conservative MP Rob Anders had this to say:

Anders told iPolitics that one of the great stories journalists were missing was “that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death.” (see here)

And the journo onslaught began.




11 Responses to “Ottawa Press: Expressing love for murderer Khadr Ok, just don’t dare slight Messiah Layton”

  1. Martin Says:

    What is missing in the love fest is the slightest concern for the widow and two children of Sgt Christopher Speer, the US Medic Khadr has admitted to killing. Also relegated to non-person status by the media party is Sgt Layne Morris, left with one eye thanks to young Omar.
    A thoughful reporter might want to get their reaction to his triumphant homecoming, just don’t expect it from our elite commentators.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Try a little experiment when dealing with anyone defending Omar Khadr. Ask them what the names are of Khadr two victimes, Chris Speer and Layne Morris; see if they even know who they are. See what result you get.

  2. Alain Says:

    As always these so-called journalists are completely out of touch with the Canadian public. My compassion is reserved for the families of the American medic and the soldier who lost an eye and his family, for for an unrepentent and committed terrorist who hates the West.

  3. frances Says:

    Interesting – the media is all over Rob Anders for his remarks, but on the basis of insensitivity, not lack of truth. Have there been any firm denials or other explanations of Mulcair’s observed behaviour?

  4. Powell Lucas Says:

    I’m a conservative who believes the Conservative government is far too liberal for my tastes. I’m someone who thinks backbenchers should be free to speak their minds without being assaulted by the wacky social-engineering zealots. I’m also someone who detests the left-wing media in this country; but in the case of Rob Anders I believe the Conservative Party has a member who is as looney as the members of the NDP caucus. This clown is an embarrassment to conservatives and Conservatives and I hope the people in his riding show him the door when the next nomination process takes place.

    • john Says:

      “I hope the people in his riding show him the door when the next nomination process takes place”

      Well, since many people outside the riding have been wailing that tune for years and the voters there don’t seem too inclined to do that I guess you can just go shove your “hopes” now can’t you?

  5. Bec Says:

    Rob Anders said what many people thought. Mulcair did appear far to excited to go to an election and that NDP caucus knew far more than the Canadian public about the health of their leader, I suspect.
    Despite all of the obvious things and the reality that Rob does do this and has made a name for himself by doing them, he did the right thing by apologizing. I suspect that there are a few Dippers that agree with him though.

    AS far as the abysmal media coverage of their terrorist saint, I say ‘careful what you wish for…it may come true’! This little saint has had his lawyers file a suit against the govt for 10 mill and that 10 mill would feed and cloth a lot of Canadians. The media need to put that reality in their conscience now that their dream child has returned.

  6. jen Says:

    khadr is having a hard time adjusting to prison lawyer said…
    Oh darn what should CBC ctv do to ease his discomfort? Send Mansbridge, Solomon, NDP, LIBS to comfort him.
    Bec, the media got what they wanted for years now that he is here within their bosom; the media can rest as sure that they will (and believe me they will) be remembered for their constant love for him.

  7. Brian Mouland Says:

    The Media Party is having a wet dream

    • jon Says:

      The Media Party’s cheer leading has been sickening. If someone’s not angered by Khadr’s return, then the only other “reasonable” position should be indifference. Of those sucking up to Khadr, including those featured on FB page created in support of him, they remind me very much of OJ Simpson’s supporters, nearly 20 years ago. Supporters holding signs reading “The juice is loose” over freeway overpasses, during the Bronco “chase”, or “free OJ” outside the courthouse. It conveyed a form of tribalism from those completely ignoring the crime, the overwhelming evidence and of course the victim — just like with Khadr.

      I’ll never be convinced that Khadr can be reformed. But there IS one thing that he could do that could help me along the way: Provided he’s released before next summer (which I believe he will be, and LONG before) have him march in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade. And no, he doesn’t have to be the parade marshal — as someone of such “celebrity status” should be expected to be — simply seeing him marching down Yonge St with the other “average” participants would suffice, preferably behind a float with men bearing their rear ends from leather chaps, waving at those along the parade route… and with a smile of course.

      And since the last Pride Parade was politicized (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid) with a middle eastern twist, then it would stand to reason that Khadr, who would be the most poisonous anti-Israeli among them, would be not only a shoe-in but someone they’d want to representing.

      But something tells me that an invitation to Khadr will never be sent out.

      • Hunter Says:

        I think you are wrong on that one, he would proudly march with the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, he’s the lefties god now, he an do no wrong.

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