No mention in media of $25,000 raised for children of medic murdered by Khadr

If I only had one example to show what a complete disgrace our Canadian news organizations are, the absence of any coverage of this fundraiser (see here) for the children of Christopher Speer would be it.

Sun News’ Ezra Levant is behind the effort to collect money for the kids of Speer and showcase the lives left behind from terrorist murders like media darling Omar Khadr’s.

You would think that any journo with an ounce of decency would easily set aside their biases and utter contempt of Levant and Sun News and join him in this effort right?


Update: Unbelievably, the CBC is promoting a fundraiser set up for Khadr (see here)


NDP and media think MPs calling each other “dickheads” is acceptable

As long as their MPs calls someone nasty names in defense of  Saint Jack Layton like Peter Stoffer did yesterday, it is not considered un-Parliamentary according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair:

“What a dickhead,” says Stoffer. “What a complete dickhead.”

Under normal circumstances, a Member of Parliament might face sanctions from his party leader for such comments. Comments from NDP staff made it clear that won’t be an issue this time. (see here)

Not only do we see this complete hypocrisy from the Liberals and NDP, the  media write endlessly about how MPs need to ‘quit acting like children’ but then back-slap Stoffer.

The Press Gallery love it when Conservatives are called “dickheads”, “pieces of shit”  or a “fucking disgrace” but of course will attack any Conservative for the slightest perceived digression.

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