NDP and media think MPs calling each other “dickheads” is acceptable

As long as their MPs calls someone nasty names in defense of  Saint Jack Layton like Peter Stoffer did yesterday, it is not considered un-Parliamentary according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair:

“What a dickhead,” says Stoffer. “What a complete dickhead.”

Under normal circumstances, a Member of Parliament might face sanctions from his party leader for such comments. Comments from NDP staff made it clear that won’t be an issue this time. (see here)

Not only do we see this complete hypocrisy from the Liberals and NDP, the  media write endlessly about how MPs need to ‘quit acting like children’ but then back-slap Stoffer.

The Press Gallery love it when Conservatives are called “dickheads”, “pieces of shit”  or a “fucking disgrace” but of course will attack any Conservative for the slightest perceived digression.


7 Responses to “NDP and media think MPs calling each other “dickheads” is acceptable”

  1. Liz J Says:

    We have to admit the media love these childish gutter type adjectives when applied to Conservatives, they’re speaking their language. Who could be more childish than the MSM serving us their versions of the political scene hour by hour, conveniently leaving out any good news on the PM at home or abroad?

    Stoffer lost all credibility with many when he did an about face on the gun registry against the wishes of his constituents.

    The guy who called a Conservative “a piece of shit” is now officially running for the leadership of the Liberal party of Canada and Quebec, but hey, that’s OK, he’s so charismatic, the second coming of Trudeau is upon us.

  2. Alain Says:

    There you have it folks; the true face of the Left. These are the people who aspire to govern the country, so we need to keep this in mind.

  3. ChuckT Says:

    Stoffer also told his constituents (and even put it in writing to our pastor) that he would vote against changing the definition of marriage. Didn’t keep that promise either. I’ll be campaigning hard for Adam Mimnaugh leading up to Oct 2015!

  4. LynnS Says:

    How dickheadsian. Right up there with Trudeau v.2.0’s comments about pieces of fecal matter and anything that comes out of Pat Martin’s mighty orifice. Such brilliance. That’s 3 for 1 for the left.

  5. guffman Says:

    More business as usual with the left and the left media.
    Happy to see Justin “piece of sh*t” Trudeau running for the Liberal leadership. Hope Harper makes mincemeat out of him, like he has the previous three Liberal leaders.

  6. E Mac Says:

    Yes, yes, I would like to see these guys “goin down the road” for the last time.
    Justin is a drama queen and has no solid ideas or background other than a famous name.
    Sweetie-pie hair and a second rate drama teaching background just wont do it for the libs.
    Nice try. “FAIL!”
    It is inevitable that he will be joining the list of failures and take his rightful place at the bottom of the lineup below Michael Ignatieff. Bring on the next sad sack.
    Case in point, where is he now?
    This one is just too funny and Justin can’t be taken to serious, but hey, he swears a lot.

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