CBC’s Solomon makes known Progressive the token “Conservative” panelist

After seeing this tweet from CBC’s Evan Solomon:

Stephen carter was booked but got stuck in Edmonton. Good Panel Today: 1 NDP, 3 Liberals and 0 Conservatives! This is fairness?

I asked him if he considers Stephen Carter to fit the definition of a token Conservative?

To which he replied:

We have T Flanagan, S Day, S Carter, T Powers-whole range of regs across blue spectrum. Same with other sides

My response:

In what world do you live in where Carter is even remotely in the “blue spectrum”?

The latest on Carter’s political involvement from the National Post’s John Ivison:

The most obvious thing is this – The Liberal leadership race just got a bit more interesting with the suggestion that election strategy wunderkind Stephen Carter, who steered Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi and Alberta premier Alison Redford to victory against heavy odds, is set to run the the campaign of Martha Hall Findlay. (see here)

Carter isn’t remotely a “Conservative” as stated by Solomon but I guess when you’re as far Left as he is, everyone looks like a Rightie.

Note: Pictured above with Carter is the hard-core Leftie David Climenhaga who filed a complaint against Sun News’ Ezra Levant (see here) 


21 Responses to “CBC’s Solomon makes known Progressive the token “Conservative” panelist”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Solomon is not interested in being fair and balanced, his anti-Conservative bias is shamelessly obvious. It’s OK though, he’s employed by the network owned by ALL Canadians which is famously for the same bias across the board, even in their political satire offerings, so-called comedy shows it’s great sport to poke fun at Conservative MP’s and Prime Minister Harper.
    IMO Solomon is full of himself, his show is not about the guests, unless he likes what they’re saying he butts in. Not a good host for a political show on the publicly owned network.

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    I can’t stand to watch him… he is so bias, his hair is even “red”….

  3. E Mac Says:

    Solomon is a big feeling (insert whatever is convenient word) who butts in during an answer. He is arrogant, ignorant and condescending to those he doesn’t agree with.
    Check out the panels he has onboard and tell me the CBC and he are not biased.
    The man is a moron – period.

  4. jen Says:

    Solomon is not interested in anything period Liz j, other than his cozy friends. Everything he touches in that place is paid for by the public including his salary. Yet he and ilks want to know your business, the cpc business.
    When Pat Martin told him that ‘the liberals took 56billion dollars from the E.I. Solomon looked at him like a dumb ass; but when a cpc try to tell Solomon of the NDP illegal contribution from the unions, Solomon quickly said ‘ that’s for another day.’
    Meaning, whatever the cpc have to say regarding to another party Solomon wants nothing to do with it.

  5. mahmood Says:

    How this guy got off without a scratch when he went after Stelmach’s ethnicity is beyond the pale.

  6. LynnS Says:

    We should start a “Draft John Robson for Power Panel” campaign. .I’d love to see him on that show. I did send a request which might have been partially answered since I also asked to see more of Martin Patriquin.

    John Robson would be fantastic. Perhaps all the seats are taken or Sun Media has an exclusive contract. I would start watching Power Play again if John Robson was a regular. The same old, same old is getting old..

  7. jon Says:

    That poll of Solomon’s which showed his viewers chose Obama as the winner, 74% over the 25% for Romney pretty much tells us all we need to know about the P&P host and destroys his claim of being “tough but fair”. He needs to explain why, in his capacity as a “moderator”, he and his program are not only a magnet for left-wingers, but ill-informed ones at that, who, as blindly loyal fans of his, who would lock in an overwhelming vote for Obama in spite of what actually happened. If the CBC truly reflected public opinion and he was truly a moderator, a result more consistent with every other polls — including those by other liberal media outlets — would be had. Solomon doesn’t recognize — or perhaps doesn’t even care — that such results provide analytics for his critics to use as ammo to point out what he and the CBC have become and the type of audience they attract.

    • BC Blue Says:

      He responded to me rattling him about that poll question last night

      • jon Says:

        Yes, but as always, the Media Party resort to twitter to respond to criticism or send an email reply instead of dealing with the issue before a viewing audience. I would like to hear Solomon address such criticism on-air, just as Levant does at the end of his program. The fact that Solomon’s aware of such criticism but refuses to address the issue on-air proves to me at least what a phony and, yes, I’ll say it, corrupt journalist he is (IMO) as a result of using taxpayer dollars to build a core audience that he knows dis not a reflection of popular opinion and worse, doing so without any degree of shame.

      • Liz J Says:

        That poll confirmed what we already know about the political bent of people who watch Solomon and the CBC.I find him truly obnoxious, he makes me sick quite frankly.
        Anyone with the capacity for reasoned thought who watched that debate would not see a winner in Obama’s performance. Obama is great at delivery when he has his teleprompter but without it he presents as the emperor without clothes. He certainly shocked his followers while Romney looked like someone you’d want leading your country, he didn’t stumble, he was calm and clear.

      • LynnS Says:

        Yes, the CBC is blatantly left wing and CTV even more so. The poll is baloney of course and he will say it’s not really a poll; it’s just asking people’s opinions (in the form of a poll… LOL). The only time I saw conservatives show up on mass for “the poll”; was the gun registry question which came out overwhelmingly in favor of getting rid of it. That result rattled a few feathers. I see it as a kind of operant conditioning in group think; reinforcing the path of least resistance, the tendency to go along with the crowd. So yes, they are cultivating a particular audience.

        It’s time to challenge the claim that the CBC belongs to the people and claims that it’s our network, so the “public” should get involved. We should be making a point about who we want to see on the show; rather than going after the host or CBC bias.

        Can the CBC ignore a petition to get someone we want on the show? I’m serious about John Robson. He can go toe to toe with anyone; the man is that smart; articulate and engaging. He’s also a gentleman. So what’s stopping us from using the left’s own strategy to get what we want for our money? Are we able to organize to do this one thing?

        C’mon, you’re the man, Dean.

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