Cummins threatens to throw out up to 21 riding presidents and others from BC Conservative Party

I’ve been hearing about this group of BC Conservative riding presidents who are fed up with the gong show of unprofessionalism that John Cummins surrounds himself and who have now come forward with this letter:

Dear BC Conservative Family,

Under the leadership of John Cummins, we have not been able to raise funds for the CA’s and we have not been able to bring new members into the party.

Under John Cummins, we have lost our only MLA, our candidate in Chilliwack and many young promising candidates who see no future with John Cummins and Randy White.

The party is running over budget $20,000 this year and the petty infighting has turned into a witch hunt against anyone considered not loyal to John Cummins. All the while the party has lost sight of the goal and has slid down from the high of 20% in the polls to a disastrous 11% and falling fast.

John Cummins has taken us to the foot of the mountain but he is not able to take us to the top. We are therefore asking John Cummins to resign immediately.

The list of presidents who have signed on can be found here.

Any sane party leader would have known the writing was on the wall long ago but Cummins is going to go down as the most delusional of all-time as instead of cluing-in and realizing he’s the problem, is threatening to kick everyone out of the party instead (see here).

I won’t get into the constitutionality on this right now as I’m hearing that he and the board of directors may find themselves in front of a judge if this ultimatum is followed through. Apparently another lawsuit is also currently under way.

This will only make repairing the damage to the Conservative brand here in BC even harder but Cummins and his lying Disciples couldn’t care less about that. It’s all about their Messiah.

Update: A moronic email has now been sent out by the newly installed president of the Disciples, Al Siebring

Oct. 7, 2012 

To:      All Constituency Association Presidents, BC Conservative Party.

From:  Al Siebring, President, Provincial Board.. 

Hello everyone. 

This letter is particularly intended for those of you who signed on to a letter circulated in theVancouver media on Friday, Oct 5th, calling for the immediate resignation of our leader, John Cummins.   (A letter, incidentally, which has appeared only in the media.  To date, no one has had the courage or courtesy to send it directly either to the Board, the Party President, or to Mr. Cummins.) 

Ladies and gentlemen, this division in our Party has to stop.  As a Board and a Party, we have to focus on the singular goal of moving forward to the May election; we simply cannot allow our Party to continue to be distracted by the kind of dissension epitomized by this letter. 

The Party membership clearly legitimized Mr. Cummins’ leadership at last months’ AGM, not only with the endorsement he personally received in the leadership review, but also in the overwhelming endorsement given to our new Provincial Board, which openly declared its’ enthusiastic support for him in the run-up to the Board elections.  The demands contained in the letter referenced above are a clear attempt to thwart the outcome of that democratic process. 

We understand that some people are unhappy with those results.  However, we cannot support any attempt to subvert the will of our membership as expressed in that vote at the AGM. 

To that end, we call on the signatories to that letter to do one of two things: either reconsider and recant their position, or do the honourable thing and resign from the Party.  

So to each of the people who signed that letter:  I need to hear back from you – via email – bynoon on Wednesday, Oct 10th, with your decision.  To be clear, the Management Committee of the Board has passed a motion authorizing me to insist that you either rescind your support for the undemocratic demands contained in the letter, or resign your membership and involvement in the Party forthwith.   (And please know in advance that I will not be responding to anyone who wants to “debate” the merits of the choices above.  The Management Committee has simply authorized me to relay this position.) 

I would also ask each of you to pass this letter on to the members of your CA executive; the message to those individuals is the same if they share the opinions expressed in the October 5th letter, irrespective of whether or not they actually “signed on” to it.  

Please, either join us in moving forward, or get out of the way.  

For the Management Committee of the Provincial Board: 

Al Siebring,


BC Conservative Party. 

PS.  To those of you who did not sign the Oct. 5th letter (and that’s most of the CA Presidents and Board members on this distribution list), you do not need respond to this email.  It is being sent to you primarily for your information.

Update: The stupidity continues as Cummins has just now tweeted this ‘ultimatum’ (see here)


15 Responses to “Cummins threatens to throw out up to 21 riding presidents and others from BC Conservative Party”

  1. LAS Says:

    I can’t watch this. This is like a train crashing into a cart full of puppies.

  2. jmw Says:

    We need another Stephen Harper and have for a long time to unite the right in B.C. Although Campbell started as a primarily “right-minded” politician, the Liberal party in the last 8 years has morphed well over to the left. Clark is a federal card-carrying Liberal. It was all too apparent in the last federal election where she stood–almost indistinguishable from the NDP. She may have tried in the interim to change her banner, but nobody trusts her or the Liberal party. Any “conservatives” are bailing fast. The petty infighting between the Reform, the B.C. Unity, the Conservatives will cost us the next union-led, well organized NDP. There is not much time to find a leader with a vision.

  3. Alain Says:

    He seems hell bent to take the party with him when he goes down. I admit it angers me since we are in dire need of a decent alternative at the polls; otherwise it will be the NDP resulting in destroying what remains viable in BC. It just boggles the mind, or at least my mind, why Cummins was chosen in the first place based on his track record.

  4. dmorris Says:

    This is unfortunate, but inevitable.It’s been obvious for a while that Cummins is out of step with most BC’ers and has NO chance of doing anything significant in the election. Now, not having a sitting MLA,he won’t even get invited to any debates.

    I wonder if Christy Clark, in her desperation,as even she must see the writing on the wall, will invite current Liberal Pretty Face Justin Trudeau to make a few speeches and do some photo-ops with her. JT is sure to be LPC leader by next May, and it’ll be interesting to see if the supposedly liberal/conservative Clark shows her true colors, and cheerleader mentality

    The only way Adrian Dix can lose next May is if he’s struck by lightning.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Good for the Conservatives and Mr. Cummins… it’s about time. The malcontents have got to put up or shut up… If the few complainers don’t like Cummins then go to the Liberals or the NDP, or vote for someone else, but stop trying to bring the party down. Something really stinks within this party and isn’t Mr. Cummins.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You’re wrong. Cummins is a terrible leader, padding his bank account, selfish, incompetent, unprofessional and a proven liar

  6. ohboy Says:

    Ahh…divorce is messy.
    As sad as it may be,John and his adherents are determined to ‘run’ this fledgling party into the ground…with very little thought as to the original purpose of creating an open democratic big tent alternative.
    The “Its our way or the highway” mentality won’t get my vote John…I’d rather stay home!

  7. Liz J Says:

    What does Mr Cummins really want? Is it simply if he can’t be head of the house he wants to tear it down? He appears to be doing a good job in demolition.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I believe Cummins’ fervent self-delusion stems from his extreme evangelical religious belief. It’s based that everyone else is wrong except for you and an ‘us vs them’ mentality is prevalent ie you’re either 100% with us or you are against us.

  8. dmorris Says:

    21 of 33 Riding Presidents want the leader to resign,but his side refer to them as ” a few complainers”!

    It doesn’t matter what the BCCP does now,they have become a joke,a mere sideshow to chuckle at,in B.C. politics
    If they’re polling 13%, we can expect them to not elect a single MLA.

    Maybe some in the BCCP believe in miracles, but I don’t think God would waste his time on this outfit.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Agreed, they are completely done in the eyes of the media and voters. Cummins has badly damaged the Conservative badly here in BC to the point of being unrepairable. Total shame and waste of a once in a life-time political opportunity.

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  10. WRM Says:


    What a mess we have created, our vision for the New BC Conservative Party has ended up where it started. True to our reputation, we have become our own worst enemy and in- fighting and the political agenda of many of our members have sealed our fate in the upcoming election. The bottom line we will once again be stuck with the Liberal – NDP equation.

    I like many others invested time, energy and a considerable amount of money in establishing the foundation for the establishment/growth of the BC Conservative Party in Parksville and Port Alberni riding associations. The infighting and political back stabbing was evident from the start and in the case of the Port Alberni riding the political and personal agenda of some have resulted in the majority of supporters moving on in frustration.

    We worked hard, held garage sales/fund raisers, purchased banners and established an outstanding web site. All of this effort appears to have been lost, the board is now next to non-existent and community awareness is status quo. The owner of the “Highway Sign” which hosted our banners has seized them for lack of payment via an income tax receipt and (true or not true) has stated they have been destroyed.

    John Cummins position regarding special veto status for First Nations bands has merit; however, it is difficult to keep such a view in perspective. From personal experience I can attest to the fact that many of the old guard openly articulate racist views and opinions of First Nations people. Regardless of there perception of First Nations people the bottom line is that you can’t expect to win a riding like Port Alberni with out some positive interaction with the bands in the area.

    On another note, the membership voted to support John and endorsed his leadership. Democracy rules and the few that can’t live with this should move on and take there political poison with them. From my limited recent experience in politics, it’s my opinion that, many politicians appear to political prostitutes and opportunists. An observation that clearly can be applied to two who defected to the BC Conservative Party and left when they grass look greener with other political parties. Many potential candidates who were considering running under the BC Conservative banner are now holding off waiting to see if the BC Conservative Party is going to implode.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to salvage what is left of the party but time is running out, we have to get off the self destruction main line if we don’t want to be destroyed and driven out of existence in the up coming election. I hope there is salvation in the harsh lessons we should have learn from recently.

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