Will BC Conservative’s John Cummins do the right thing – resign or open up leadership contest?

I almost fell off my chair after reading and agreeing with the Globe and Mail’s Gary Mason’s take on the BC Conservative gong show:

Clearly, the Conservatives are in complete turmoil. Mr. Cummins can attempt to minimize the problem if he wants, but plugging his ears and wishing his troubles away won’t help. Last month’s leadership vote clearly did not address internal issues. At this point, Mr. Cummins would seem to have little choice but to either resign or announce that he is willing to face a challenge from other candidates. (see here)

Cummins can either finally show BC voters whether he has any of what true leadership really is or continue with his delusions of grandeur.

Also: See earlier post on the BC Conservative 3-ring circle here

Also: My previous blog post on the BC Cons has been featured in the Tyee and as an added bonus, you get to read some fun Cummmins Disciples comments like this gold:

Too bad Dean Skoreyko doesn’t seem to understand the concept of democracy and people working towards a common goal. He and his ilk don’t seem to understand that they are responsible for an ever increasing number of BCers thinking that the BC Conservatives are nothing more than a bunch of wingnuts. Others may be thinking that he is nothing but a BC Lib spy trying to ensure that the BC Christy Party gets in next May. I have just been onto BC Blue and I must admit that the views expressed there are to my mind scary. It was like I had just visited an alien world! (see here)

Update: Two riding presidents tell Cummins to stuff it (see here)



5 Responses to “Will BC Conservative’s John Cummins do the right thing – resign or open up leadership contest?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I thought Mr Cummins had decided to resign but appears he feels he’s the man for the job and no one else will do.
    Nothing like a political gong show to further fracture and totally screw up the party.

    As Cummins continues to lead the gong show the NDP will be running and ruining BC which isn’t good for Canada either.

  2. Alain Says:

    Sadly Cummins and his group of supporters continue to put their own self-interest ahead of the interest and needs of BC, and they alone are responsible for turning this party into a mockery.

  3. Scott Says:

    Your own blog has a picture of this CA President (Allison Patton) chumming it up with Christie Clarke and Kevin Falcon. Can there be any doubt that this is not a “revolt,” and in fact nothing more than a torpedo from the Liberals?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m fully aware of what “my one blog” has posted and at the time I asked what she was thinking by posing with them. I highly doubt all this is just some Liberal conspiracy and regardless, who then vetted Pattion as a president and candidate for the Conservatives? that would be the same BC Con brainiacs including Cummins right?

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