NDP run attack ad using their media friends’ set-up quotes

Not only did the Media Party do the bidding when asked by NDP leader Thomas Mulcair as the Sun’s Ezra Levant caught them (see here 14 min mark), they are now being featured in a NDP ad (see above) on the same theme.

An honest journo should be livid and embarrassed to have been used as a political pawn in this way but I’m going to guess most will happily play their roles.

Now, I’d love to see the Conservatives hit back at these NDP media lapdogs with their own ad showing them following Mulcair’s order.

Fair is fair right?


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  1. ohboy Says:

    Well the cat is out of the bag so to speak and the progressive media has their marching orders.
    This may come as a surprise to many though not so much for those who have been paying some attention.
    This is however unprecedented in that the media have been publicly asked to go on the take for the NDP/progressivism; and appear to be willing co-conspirators to move an agenda and an unpopular one at that.
    I guess I could say I was gobsmacked if I wasn’t already jaded by the shenanigans of the left and their enablers.
    This of course begs the question of just how the media are going to divide their loyalties between the NDP & the LPC should baby turdeau actually(not much of a stretch) win the lpc leadership and aspire onwards with visions of national leader dancing around his coif.
    One thing you can bet the farm on is that ‘feel for me ‘ Maggie will be more than thrilled ahead of others.

  2. jen Says:

    Burnaby MP hosts Thanksgiving dinner with former KGB agent

    By Jennifer Moreau, The Record October 5, 2012

    “Millions of Ukrainians and other east Europeans now living in Canada were victims of the KGB,” wrote the association’s Lubomyr Luciuk in an email to the NOW. “We find it reprehensible that Mr. Julian and Mr. Davies would sup with a fugitive who is openly flaunting the rule of law in this country.”


    Read more: http://www.royalcityrecord.com/story.html?id=7352554#ixzz28qsR5L5H

  3. jen Says:

    From the SNN-The Arena

    October 9, 2012 18:25
    Roman Zakaluzny of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association joins to discuss the organization’s reaction to two NDP members who had a Thanksgiving feast with former KGB captain, Mikhail Lennikov.


  4. Thucydides Says:

    Anyone who was watching the Legacy Media in the United States during the 2008 election saw the warmup act. Should it be any surprise that the Canadian Media would meekly follow their American counterparts at CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc.?

    Too bad most of the media employees are too spineless to take a real stand or actually do their jobs.

  5. jon Says:

    I, for the life of me, cannot understand why the CPC continue to be afraid of the Media Party. I think it’s time to take the gloves off. Now, having said that, you can’t have cabinet ministers or parl secs getting involved but the party could leave attacks on the Media Party to backbenchers. In the U.S., there are more examples of the right pushing back against the liberal media establishment. It disappoints me that we don’t get any of that on this side of the border.

    An old video but still one of my favourites. When are we going to see something similar happen in Canada? I won’t be holding my breath anytime soon. And while Zeigler is not a politician, when are we going to see the same from those pundits on the right, who have nothing to lose because, as private citizens, they can state their own views and the Media Party can’t lay blame on the CPC.

  6. Liz J Says:

    The NDP better soak up all the attention they can from the media party, once Junior Trudeau gets actively campaigning they’ll be giving him their undivided attention.

  7. jen Says:

    The NDP will raise taxes which the msm seems proud off; NDP will redistribute wealth and we all know that CBC a billion dollar industry paid for by the public would definitely be called upon by the NDP to redistribute ALL THE PUBLIC’S MONEY that went into CBC to be redistributed back to the same public.
    CTV is a huge business therefore, they have to redistribute their wealth to the public.
    The UNION ah the unions, the big bosses that take the little guys union dues don’t have to redistribute the workers dues back to the workers. These unions remain untouched since they are friends of the NDP.

  8. jen Says:

    Terry Wilson of the First Nation of Manitoba is en-route to Iran
    Question is: ” why isn’t NDP Charlie Angus with him.
    Iran just slammed canada on human rights towards first nations.

    Iran, a country where, not one gay or lesbian would dare enter for fear of being hung by Ahmadinejad’s regime is one country the NDP should demand Amadinejad better treatment for the gays.
    Funny, it was the PM who stood up against Amadinejad on the mistreatment of gays.

    In fact, it was the Iranian-Canadians who applauded the PM Stephen Harper, for speaking out against Ahmadinejad’s brutal treatment on…….

    I wouldn’t be surprise that Ahmadinejad uses the FIRST NATIONS OF CANADA to do his biding and seek millions from them. that is if FNOC doesn’t do something very quickly which is: dis engage themselves from the Terry Wilson and gang.
    I am positive that Ahmadinejad has done is homework on the ‘wealth’ of the FNOC to accept them or Terry Wilson for his(ahmjad) own pleasure.

  9. jen Says:

    Why isn’t CBC loudmouths traveling with Terry Wilson uh? COWARDS? These cowards waste no time watching or allowing UN criticize their country canada.

  10. Alain Says:

    Face it they will whore for anyone and any party that is not conservative. That said it is terrific that we now actually have others in the media catching them in the act and exposing them.

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